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  • Hung Curd vs Mayonnaise:

    Hung Curd vs Mayonnaise: Which is better for your health?

    November 27, 2023 16:37 IST

    Hung curd is a much better option than mayonnaise. These contain good bacteria which help in digestion. The probiotics present in curd act as a mild laxative, however, if you have upset stomach, eating curd with rice is very beneficial.

  • yogurt for heart

    Here’s why Yogurt is good for your heart health

    Food | February 15, 2018 16:36 IST

    Higher yogurt intake in combination with an overall heart-healthy diet was associated with greater reductions in cardiovascular disease risk among hypertensive men and women.

  • quick recipes to celebrate your kid s cbseresult

    Quick recipes to celebrate your kid's #CBSEresult

    Lifestyle | May 28, 2015 12:11 IST

    With CBSE having announced the Xth class results, the pounding hearts of students have finally sought some relief. The nervousness, the anxiety and the curiosity has finally come to an end with a brilliant result