• Veteran photographer Nemai Ghosh dies at 86

    Veteran photographer Nemai Ghosh dies at 86

    Celebrities | March 26, 2020 0:04 IST

    Veteran photographer Nemai Ghosh who had been suffering from age-related ailments for past few years passed away at 86. He was known for working as a still photographer with Satyajit Ray.

  • satyajit ray inspired me photographer nemai ghosh

    Satyajit Ray inspired me: photographer Nemai Ghosh

    Bollywood | November 15, 2014 6:58 IST

    Kolkata: Known as legendary Indian filmmaker Satyajit Ray's photographer, veteran lensman Nemai Ghosh acknowledged the icon's inspiration wasthe reason his images were so "lively".Ghosh revisited the days spent with the famous storyteller during the launch