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  • Debris from the South Korean Air force's KT-1 trainer

    2 South Korean air force planes collide and crash, killing 4

    Good News | April 01, 2022 17:03 IST

    Two people — a trainer pilot and an instructor — were aboard each of the two KT-1 aircraft. All four ejected from the planes but were later found dead.

  • us warplanes collide mid air

    US warplanes collide mid-air

    World | August 03, 2013 20:38 IST

    Washington, Aug 3: Two US warplanes on a routine training mission collided mid-air. One of the planes' pilot ejected and was rescued while the other aircraft was able to fly back safely, the US military

  • passenger dies of mid air cardiac arrest

    Passenger dies of mid-air cardiac arrest

    India | July 21, 2013 7:32 IST

    Hyderabad, July 21: An air passenger suffered cardiac arrest mid-air and later died even as the Bangalore-bound aircraft made an emergency landing at the Rajiv Gandhi International Airport here yesterday, an official said.Passenger Uttam Singh

  • iaf selects airbus military a330 mrtt as midair tanker

    IAF selects Airbus Military A330 MRTT as midair tanker

    India | January 08, 2013 16:53 IST

    New Delhi, Jan 8: The Indian Air Force (IAF) has selected the Airbus Military A330 MRTT Multi Role Tanker Transport for its next generation of midair refuelling tankers.In a statement released here late Monday, the

  • two algerian pilots die in mid air collision

    Two Algerian pilots die in mid-air collision

    World | December 12, 2012 12:47 IST

    Algeria, Dec 12: Two Algerian air force pilots died when their planes collided during a training exercise, the defence ministry said Tuesday.According to the communique, the accident occurred Monday night in the skies over the

  • iaf to have midair refuelling capability on all combat

    IAF to have midair refuelling capability on all combat aircraft

    India | December 10, 2012 16:20 IST

    New Delhi, Dec 10: In a major step to increase its operational reach, the Indian Air Force (IAF) has decided that all its aircraft and helicopters meant for combat and combat support will henceforth have

  • iaf chief reaches jamnagar inquiry team recovers fdrs

    IAF chief reaches Jamnagar, inquiry team recovers FDRs

    India | August 31, 2012 19:28 IST

    New Delhi, Aug 31: Air Chief Marshal N A K Browne today reached Jamnagar to reassure the pilots and technicians at the IAF airbase there which lost nine personnel in a mid-air collision involving two

  • six mid air refuelling planes to be deployed in west bengal

    Six mid-air refuelling planes to be deployed in West Bengal

    India | August 20, 2012 23:07 IST

    New Delhi, Aug 20: The Air Force is planning to deploy six mid-air refuelling tanker aircraft at Panagarh air base in West Bengal, a step that will boost the striking range of its fighter planes

  • iaf to procure 6 mid air refuellers

    IAF To Procure 6 Mid-Air Refuellers

    India | March 21, 2012 15:38 IST

    New Delhi, Mar 21: The deal for procuring six mid-air refueller aircraft for the Air Force has entered its last phase with the IAF completing the field trials of the planes on offer.Airbus Military, one

  • nato jet crashes after midair collision

    NATO Jet Crashes After Midair Collision

    World | August 30, 2011 20:55 IST

    Vilnius, Lithuania, Aug 30: A Lithuanian military plane collided midair with a French fighter jet during a NATO training flight Tuesday and crashed into a swamp after its two pilots ejected, officials said. No serious

  • plane s wing snaps off mid air pilot walks away with burnt

    Plane's Wing Snaps Off Mid-Air, Pilot Walks Away With Burnt Foot

    World | November 29, 2010 9:13 IST

    A 22-year-old Argentine pilot Dino Moline walked away from a plane crash with just a burnt foot after the plane's wing snapped off mid-air, terrifying images reveal, reports The Daily Mail.The mishap occured on August

  • delhi police begins inquiry into air india mid air scuffle

    Delhi Police Begins Inquiry Into Air India Mid-Air Scuffle

    India | October 04, 2009 3:44 IST

    Delhi Police has initiated an inquiry into a mid-air scuffle allegedly between pilots and some crew members of an Air India flight after registering a case on a complaint by an air hostess. A senior