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  • Lohri 2024

    Lohri 2024: Bored with traditional dishes? Try this delicious Makhane recipe the festival

    Food | January 12, 2024 18:58 IST

    Lohri, a popular winter harvest festival celebrated mainly in the northern regions of India, is incomplete without its traditional dishes. However, you can try to incorporate a new dish into the menu this year.

  • onam celebrated in kerala

    Onam celebrated in Kerala

    India | September 07, 2014 13:48 IST

    Thiruvananthapuram: Despite light rain in some parts of Kerala, Onam was celebrated across the state Sunday with a lavish, 26-dish traditional vegetarian lunch, flowers and a degree of nostalgia.On the occasion of Thiru Onam Sunday,

  • lara celebrates harvest festival with scantily clad reveller

    Lara celebrates harvest festival with scantily-clad reveller

    Cricket | August 07, 2014 6:34 IST

    Barbados: Brian Lara may be sporting legend of Trinidad but he is clearly quite at home in Barbados.The former West Indies cricket captain was in the party mood at the island's Kadooment Day parade, and

  • tamil nadu celebrates pongal

    Tamil Nadu celebrates Pongal

    India | January 14, 2013 12:42 IST

    Chennai, Jan 14: Tamil Nadu celebrated the harvest festival Pongal Monday with thanks being offered to the sun, rain and farm animals on the first day of Tamil month Thai.Across the state, people rose early,