• DIY green tea toner

    DIY: Enjoy pimple-free summer with this green tea toner

    Lifestyle | February 21, 2023 18:46 IST

    Summer is hated by many for the acne and pimple problems, especially among the girls. But the pimples will no longer bother you if you follow the DIY remedy given here. Today we’re going to tell you a tried and tested DIY method to prepare a green te

  • home made beauty packs to rejuvenate your skin

    Home made beauty packs to rejuvenate your skin

    Lifestyle | November 23, 2013 6:59 IST

    New Delhi: In our busy lifestyle we neglect our skin and health care.Due to this, the glow and texture of the skin deteriorates. Increasing pollution, work pressure and stress makes us mentally and physically tired.