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Irrfan's son Babil shares photo of actor's grave adorned with roses: Here’s to your forgiving, sensitive soul

Late actor Irrfan Khan's son Babil shared a new picture of the actor’s grave. In the photo, the grave can be seen decked with hundreds of red roses and has got a fresh coat of white paint as well.

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New Delhi Published on: October 09, 2020 7:21 IST
Irrfan's son Babil shares photo of actor's grave adorned with roses

Irrfan's son Babil shares photo of actor's grave adorned with roses

Late actor Irrfan Khan's son Babil keeps sharing memories of the actor, making fans emotional. He remembers his father in everything he does and shares with his Instagram followers about how Irrfan was as a person and as a father. Recently, he had shared pictures with him on social media and revealed that he has watched the film The Lunchbox 13 times. Now, on Thursday, Babil shared a photo of the late actor's grave adorned with roses and said, "here’s to your forgiving, sensitive soul."

Babil wrote, "'When a man is just born, he is weak and flexible. When he dies, he is hard and insensitive. When a tree is growing, it’s tender and pliant, but when it’s dry and hard, it dies. Hardness and Strength are death’s companions. Pliancy and weakness are expressions of the freshness of being. Because what has hardened will never win.' - Tarkovsky . Here's to watching ‘Stalker’ with you for my first film essay three years ago, I’m watching ‘Stalker’ now for the last dissertation. I pause the film from time to time, just like you did with me, to take it all in, you were teaching me then, now I teach myself. Here’s to you, who never hardened, here’s to your forgiving, sensitive soul"

Earlier, Babil had given a glimpse of Irrfan's younger son Ayaan watering the actor's grave. In the picture, flowers can be seen laid out on it. Babil also explained how his father always liked wilderness and trees all around. "Baba liked it wild, Ayaan is staying strong. mamma recently wrote about the wilderness around when some of his fans were worried that it looked unkempt, I need you to understand, he always always wished to be surrounded by the grass and the plants and the trees. Waste and plastic is always removed from that wilderness," he wrote.

"Here's what my beautiful mamma wrote: 'Women are not allowed in Muslim graveyards. Hence, I have planted the raat Ki Rani in Igatpuri where I have a memory stone of his...where I have buried his fav things .I own that place Where I can sit for hours without any one telling me I can't sit next to him. He is there in his spirit. But that doesn't mean the graveyard shouldn't be tended ..but as far as how is a very questionable thing... The wild plants grass have grown in rains.. It's wild and beautiful is what I saw in the photo you are mentioning..it rains and plants come and they wither in the next season..and then one can clean it. Why should everything be exactly as per definition.. And the plants have grown may be for a purpose look closely'," Babil added.

A couple of days ago, Babil also shared a cute throwback picture of young Irrfan holding him close as they share a special moment. Babil wrote, "Death is painful for the living, for those dearest to your heart, but you taught me that death is only the beginning. So I’m here celebrating your life in my mind, divine bitter-sweetness. I was listening to ‘The Beatles’ then you got me obsessed with ‘The Doors’ and we used to sing along. I sing those songs still now, I feel you then."

Irrfan died in Mumbai on April 29 after battling colon infection for a while.


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