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Little boy in Argentina lost his father in a crowd. What happened next will melt your heart | Watch Video

In Argentina, a little boy lost his father in a crowd. However, the people there quickly came to help him, and what happened next will warm your heart. Take a look.

Akshat Sundrani Written By: Akshat Sundrani New Delhi Published on: August 23, 2022 17:12 IST
little boy lost in Argentina
Image Source : INSTAGRAM/GOODNEWS_MOVEMENT Little boy in Argentina lost his father in a crowd

Children getting lost in heavily crowded areas is not uncommon. They go around the crowd and are eventually discovered after some trouble. In a rare situation, a young boy became separated from his father in a crowd, and people came to his rescue in the most beautiful and unique way possible. The heartwarming video of the incident has gone viral, and netizens are praising the locals who helped the boy.

After, the little boy was lost, he started crying when one man came to him and picked him up on his shoulders so that his father could easily see him.  All of them chanted the boy's father's name together so that he could hear it from even a distance.  The viral video opens with a man carrying the little boy on his shoulders, who seems disturbed and is seen crying uncontrollably. The clip further shows the crowd sitting there chanting his dad's name 'Eduardo'. It also sees a group of singers who made a song out of his dad's name. While the small boy's name was being chanted and the audience was cheering for him, the father unexpectedly ended up turning around and grabbing his son into his arms.

Netizens reaction

As soon as the video went viral, netizens couldn’t stop praising the wholesome act done by the Argentina citizens to help the little boy find his father. They flocked to the comment section, hailing the crowd. One user wrote ‘I’m so glad they showed the reunion! I needed that!!!’. While another user wrote ‘Welcome back Eduardo, you were surely missed’. A third user commented ‘Beautiful, how confused that man must have been when he heard the band singing for him haha’. 

India Tv - Netizens reaction

Image Source : INSTAGRAM/GOODNEWS_MOVEMENTNetizens reaction

Finding the little guy's father became the sole mission of the crowd gathered, and they handled the situation in the most heartwarming manner. The caption of the viral video read ‘HUMANITY: These kindhearted Argentines come together to chant the father's name Eduardo to help the boy find his dad, who he lost in the crowd.’

The touching video has reaffirmed people's faith in humanity and has garnered over 2.7 million views with people pouring love from different parts of the world.



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