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Shocking! Angry passenger breaks AC coach glass door after ticketless passengers block his entry

Reportedly, the incident unfolded as ticketless passengers on board denied entry to a man with a reserved ticket into his coach. The man, frustrated, broke the glass on the train’s door.

Edited By: Vaidehi Jahagirdar New Delhi Updated on: April 20, 2024 15:24 IST
Image Source : VIDEO SCREENGRAB In a feat of rage, angry passenger breaks train door’s glass

Every second day, Twitter is full of videos where the passengers are seen sharing their unique encounters or traumatic ordeals they faced while on board the Indian Railways. While only a few of them have something interesting to share during their train journey, a recent trend has been reported regarding the increasing amount of chaos witnessed among the passengers over the overcrowded situation in trains. 

Adding to the list, a video has been going viral, depicting an angry passenger allegedly breaking the train door glass in a move to enter his third AC coach. 

According to a video posted by the popular X page, Ghar ke Kalesh, which has amassed over 2 million views, the incident happened on the Kaifiyaat Superfast Express. The man on the other side of the platform, who had allegedly reserved a seat in the AC-3 coach, asked the ticketless passengers flooded on the train to let him board. However, they refused to let him enter, saying 'Jagha Nai hai'. Reportedly, enraged with the statement, the passenger broke the door’s glass, leading to the utter chaos that unfolded next.

It is pertinent to note that several of the X (formerly Twitter) users have recently posted videos depicting overcrowded situations in the trains, with especially ticketless passengers occupying seats in reserved coaches. 

Recently, in a video posted on April 16, a traveller was seen expressing his frustration with the Indian Railways that the sleeper coach of the Suhaildev Superfast Express that he was travelling in was marred by overcrowding and ticketless passengers occupying seats, while no ticket examiner had reached to check the tickets.

Further, in another video, a passenger travelling in the AC-2 coach of the Kashi Express showed the dire condition of the coach, which was overcrowded with passengers sitting on the floor. The passenger in a video posted online also said that the AC was not working in the coach and neither food nor water were served.

Meanwhile, in another video going around on the internet involving Indian Railways, a woman passenger travelling without a ticket was seen arguing with co-passengers. The woman, whose behaviour has irked the internet, refused to vacate a seat that she had forcefully occupied. Railway Seva has responded to the viral video.

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