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Here's why screens play a major role in elevating your gaming experience

Having a great gaming display can really elevate your gaming experience. Here's how.

India TV Tech Desk India TV Tech Desk
New Delhi Published on: August 23, 2021 16:59 IST
Image Source : LG

How you can improve your gaming experience. 

The gaming industry in India, has seen exponential growth in the past decade. Playing video games has become a common leisure for many and even a serious profession for some. Moreover, the pandemic further expanded this industry as it pushed, in-home activities, of which gaming constituted a major chunk. This trend led to a “virtual environment” which brought upon various consumer durables companies a sort of responsibility towards their consumers - to provide them with a great virtually enhanced experience at home, on their screens – extremely important for gamers more than anyone else. 

Screen experience matters to a great extent when it comes to console gaming with the main reason being good and improved graphics – gaming is a lot about visual effects and immersive experience that makes the player feel like he’s right inside the game.  A good screen while gaming through provision of great graphics and a sound system makes the experience more enhanced and engaging. 

An OLED 4K TV, for instance, can change one’s gaming experience for the better, as compared to an ordinary screen. Variable Refresh Rate that produces a smoother image with no tear, and low input lag that can highly benefit the gamer by responding to their actions very fast, are some features that can be differentiators and result in a virtually enhanced gaming experience. 

Players who invest a good amount of money on such equipment often understand the value that it adds to the game and how it makes the entire process a virtual experience. Besides a great screen, top-notch technology, the comfort of sitting in one’s sofa, and a better sound system are among the many features that can go on to enhance a gamer’s experience. Exposing players to latest products like TV screens and gaming monitors that offer these features at a high-level, is the best way to let them delve into a high-level, realistic, immersive experience. 

Seeing the rise of the gaming industry while understanding the need to offer the kind of experience being talked about, companies like LG and Samsung are making consistent efforts to deliver consumers with an immersive gaming experience through several products that offer the ultimate screening views. 

LG has a wide range of options to choose from. First, there is the LG 4K 1ms 144hz NANO IPS display UltraGear gaming monitor, which has been a hero product that took gaming to new levels. The UltraGear’s new Nano IPS technology supports express high-fidelity color for reproducing vivid scenes, while VESA Display HDR600 on the large UHD 4K screen, provides sharp details and true and dynamic high-contrast HDR. With 144hz refresh rate, Nano IPS 1ms (GtG) response time, UHD 4K resolution, G-Sync compatibility and VESA Display HDR600 technology, 

Next of the range, the LG UltraFine Ergo monitors with UHD 4K IPS Display offers exceptional image quality feature, realistic and enhanced color, and contrast and clarity at wide angles which lets the user see a clearer lifelike vision of productivity, play and entertainment, thereby providing a completely new gaming experience. 

Adding to this was LG’s launch of the Ultrawide 29WN600-W monitors - the perfect companion for multitasking. The 21:9 UltraWide Full HD resolution (2560x1080) offers 33% more screen space compared to Full HD resolution display that lets one enjoy the panorama view and seamless gaming on the ultrawide and comfortable screen. The AMD Free Sync enables a seamless, fluid movement throughout hi-res, fast-paced display, that is ideal for gamers. 

Apart from its top-notch range of monitors, the LG OLED TV has also been a great choice for gamers – a TV that can easily be converted into a gaming monitor. A dream screen for gaming enthusiasts, powered by NVIDIA G-SYNC, LG’s OLED 48CX offers super responsive gaming with no tearing and stuttering, making users feel like the action is happening right in front of them. 

Gamers can also resort to the LG CineBeam Laser 4K HU 810P projector that delivers an enhanced viewer experience by leveraging its real 4K resolution with 8.3 million pixels and up to 300 inches of screen size, which in turn can enhance gaming experience. 

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