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HP Smart Tank 580 review: Smooth, comfortable and economical printing

The new HP Smart Tank 580 comes with a compact which can easily fit on your desk. It has a small display for printing status and buttons for configuring Wi-Fi and other options. Here is our detailed review to let you know how the device works.

Saumya Nigam Written By: Saumya Nigam @snigam04 Noida Published on: April 11, 2023 20:45 IST
HP Smart Tank 580
Image Source : HP HP Smart Tank 580 review

Often when we talk about home printers, two problems usually come up- the first one is the connectivity issue, because many times you have to face a lot of difficulty in connecting the printer with your computer or laptop. And the second difficulty is regarding the cost of printing, because the ink of many printers is very expensive and ends so quickly that people often get the printing done from outside instead of at home.

Whichever printer you choose, the cost of replacing the ink or toner is always an expensive affair. It is advised that it is best to opt for a laser or ink-tank printer if you want to save some money. Even though they cost a bit more than inkjet printers, you can still save some money with them. Because it has a minimum ink replacement cost.

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Amidst these difficulties, we have reviewed HP's new Smart Tank 580 printer which was much easy to use. It is easily connected to the laptop and during the review span, there was no problem in printing from mobile when connected to the WiFi. We took out more than 50 colour and black and white prints of it in a month. Let us tell you about our overall experience in terms of performance.


This printer comes in a compact design and its build quality is strong. It comes with a compact which can easily fit on your desk. It has a small display for printing status and buttons for configuring Wi-Fi and other options. On the top, there is also a scanner which can be used to scan or copy documents. The ink containers are visible on the front. By being transparent, you can easily know their status. Instead of feeding paper into the printer, the top is facing backwards. It can print 30 pages at a time. The printer can be connected wirelessly or via a USB cable.

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As we said earlier, setting up this printer is very easy. You have to fill the ink in the ink container that comes with the printer. Next is to fit the black and colour print heads into their correct positions. And your printer is ready. This is the reason why these printers are more economical in the long run than regular inkjet printers. Its ink is cheaper than traditional cartridges. Its scanner is also very fast and you do not have to wait for scanning and printing. The HP Smart Tank 580 comes with two bottles of black ink and one bottle each of yellow, cyan, and magenta. You get enough ink in the package to print up to 12,000 black and white pages and 6,000 colour printouts.

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The price of the HP Smart Tank 580 Ink Tank Printer is Rs 18,848, and at this price point, it is a good one-time investment if you need an all-in-one printer for your home as well as a small business. It is also very economical and even children can use it easily.


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