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HP LaserJet Tank 1005 Printer: 10 Pointer Review

We got our hands on HP LaserJet Tank 1005 Printer and here is the detailed 10-pointer review to let you know everything about it.

Written By: Saumya Nigam Noida Updated on: July 26, 2022 10:59 IST
HP LaserJet Tank 1005 Printer
Image Source : INDIA TV HP LaserJet Tank 1005 Printer

Printers and scanners have become a part of a household in today’s time- we get our tickets printed, our pictures scanned and printed, and we get out projects, assignments and everything which needs an extra copy without any hustle. 

With the rising demand, there are a number of brands which have been competing for the same, and out of the large market of printers, we got our hands on HP LaserJet Tank 1005 Printer which is available in the market. 

We reviewed the printed for some time (almost 2 months), and here is our 10-pointer review below:


It indeed is a good-looking and handly printer. It could take up some space in your room, but not much of it. It has the scanner on the top, and printing space just below it. And below is the tray to keep your sheets- which could be chosen according to the need.

Installation: I do have to mention that initially, connecting with Wi-Fi needs a little time, to understand- and a manual could be of great help. Also, you have videos from HP on YouTube, so you can get easy instructions to install. 

But, if connecting to wifi seems like a task, you can certainly connect with the provided cable, which is very simple and clickable to install (just like you do for any software).

Once connected, you can send any picture which you need to print and it will be a job of a couple of seconds. Only thing is, you have to follow the step-by-step process if there is some trouble in connecting the printer with your device.

India Tv - HP LaserJet Tank 1005 Printer

Image Source : HP HP LaserJet Tank 1005 Printer

Printing Experience

This is an A4 Black and White Laser Multifunction Printer which means, it could help you print out texts, projects, written assignments, air tickets and more, which does not need any specific colour besides black ink.

But if you are a mother/father, or someone who needs print out in colours, for your diagrams, and paintings copy, then, unfortunately, you will have to rethink before buying LaserJet Tank 1005 printer. The printer could bring out 22 papers per minute as claimed, so delivered. 

Printing Quality

Well! I have an impressive experience on this front. The ink had this instantly drying ability which enables the paper to be printed and be ready to use for whatever use, you would want. This LaserJet Tank 1005 printer comes with a cartridge which can print up to 5000 pages, as per the company’s claim. I printed around 20 to 60 pages- in black and white on various paper quality- for A4 rough, to glossy pages as well, and the printer to was good enough to deliver dark and clear prints, without any leakage of the ink or anything which could create image quality which might look disturbed. Hence, a good quality

This is a printer which could be used for office and personal use easily and could be bought easily from the online store. All you have to do is to get a good set of A4 size sheets.

Overall Verdict for LaserJet Tank 1005 Printer: 

  1. This printer is an ideal one for workplace and office purposes or for senior education and could be bought
  2. You can get the print bright, clear and faster
  3. Installation is simple if steps are being followed properly. 

India Tv - HP LaserJet Tank 1005 Printer

Image Source : HPHP LaserJet Tank 1005 Printer

Price and availability 

  1. Priced at Rs 21,116, the HP LaserJet Tank 1005 printer is an official website of HP along with the Chroma store as well. 
  2. Competition: I need to mention that HP is known for the quality and price of its products. And at this price range, the company is going to face some cutthroat challenges from Canon which also offers printers with coloured ink and long life.

But for work purposes, LaserJet Tank 1005 is a fit for sure and could be invested in easily.


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