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Michael Kors Gen 6 Bradshaw: A luxurious smartwatch with great performance

Michael Kors Gen 6 Bradshaw Review: This smartwatch comes with great looks, decent performance, and 24 hours of battery life and gives you a great feeling of luxury on the wrist. From tracking your steps, taking calls, managing notifications, keeping a sleep monitor, and more.

Saumya Nigam Written By: Saumya Nigam @snigam04 Noida Published on: October 12, 2022 9:30 IST
Michael Kors Gen 6 Bradshaw
Image Source : CREDITS: SAUMYA NIGAM Michael Kors Gen 6 Bradshaw

For those who do not know, Michael Kors is an American luxury fashion brand and is considered to be one of the know luxury companies across the globe. The company was established in 1981 by an American sportswear fashion designer named Michael Kors and later, in 2006, the company opened its first retail outlet.

Indeed a brand is known for its classy design and also, for its time-pieces. 

We recently got our hands on Michael Kors Access Gen 6 Bradshaw smartwatch and reviewed the timepiece based on its look, performance and accuracy. 

Features of Gen 6 Bradshaw

The smartwatch comes with faster-charging capabilities and runs on Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear 4100+ platform. The smartwatch comes with new supporting features like wellness, including a heart-rate monitor and SpO2 sensor to get estimated blood oxygen measurements. The smartwatch further comes with fitness apps, which enable you to track your health and active lifestyle. The smartwatch features Bluetooth 5.0, NFC, Wi-Fi, GPS, and sensors like an accelerometer, altimeter, and ambient light meter.


  • Design: Shine and bling
  • I am highly impressed with this smartwatch because of several reasons:
  • Luxurious looks
  • Eyecatching design
  • Attractive bling

I have to mention, that the day I started to wear the MK Gen 6 Bradshaw smartwatch, it just was a head-turner. The bling smartwatch looks super premium and everyone asked me about it wherever I went- from social gatherings to the office. And I have to mention, that 2 of my friends even planned to get one for themselves as well. 

Dial and Strap

The watch comes with a golden round dial with a black display, which looks stunning. And the watch comes with two options on the strap front- where you could either choose a golden chain strap or a leather one- I am a strap person so used the light pink leather strap, which was very comfortable to wear for long hours. 

On the right side of the dial were two buttons and one rotating button to go back, select, and open the menu as per the need. Initially, I was getting confused but eventually got my hand on the same.

Wear OS App

Setting up the device was easy and, the smartwatch has to be paired with the Wear OS by Google- which takes hardly a few minutes to get it on. From the app, you can manage your notifications, watch face, health tracking and much more things which you prefer.


I set several notifications which were in sync with my smartphones like Whatsapp, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. Also, the call feature works well, but I switched it off, as I get a lot of calls, and was getting distracted. But it is quite helpful when you are away from your handset and you cannot reach out to your device. 

The smartwatch has been my companion for nearly everything in the past 2+ months-  from tracking my steps, my heart rate and my sleep as well. The only thing I was not very comfortable with the Gen 6 Bradshaw smartwatch was tracking my sleep cycle because I could not wear the watch during my sleeping hours. 

The watch is beautiful, attractive, and rather stunning in looks, but I felt it was a little heavy to wear all the time, specifically at the time of sleep.  


On the battery front, the smartwatch was capable to last for almost 24 hours. I expected it to be a little longer to last but it was good enough to perform a day’s tasks, easily- enabling you to check your messages from WhatsApp, notifications of Facebook, Tweets, and even call notifications as well. A perfect-looking device with a daytime battery life. Certainly, an OK piece to last for a day but not for those who like to go out for a trek, as per my experience- as it will need to get charged- if you are on with your trekking for more than a day with a low power zone.  

Calling Feature

You can take and make calls from the Gen 6 Bradshaw smartwatch, and also, you could send and receive text messages along with e-mails as well. And with the help of the voice command, you can even respond to emails, messages and calls too. Certainly, a smart feature which is very much required in the present time.


Available at Rs 29995 on The Collective Store, by the time of writing, this is the best price to get a luxury smartwatch in the market, in today’s time. It certainly is a head-turner and is the perfect device if you look for a smartwatch which could be your gym as well as your formal attire. It goes very well indeed!


Overall, Michael Kors Gen 6 Bradshaw Smartwatch is a perfect bid if you are willing to enter the luxury segment. This watch not only comes with a very premium look and feel, but the performance is very much accurate when we speak of the watch tracking steps, burning calories and even notifying you of your acts. My only concern was the battery life of the smartwatch which is quite less, and I expect the device to feature atleast 3 days of battery life at such a price point. 


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