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VingaJoy CHOTA BHEEM VB-SX10 Powerbank: Quick Review

If you are looking forward to getting a good powerbank under the budget of Rs 3000, then here is our review on VingaJoy CHOTA BHEEM VB-SX10 Powerbank which we recently explored.

Written By: Saumya Nigam @snigam04 Noida Published on: January 14, 2023 13:40 IST
VingaJoy CHOTA BHEEM VB-SX10 Powerbank
Image Source : INDIA TV VingaJoy CHOTA BHEEM VB-SX10 Powerbank

Though smartphones have raised the bar when it comes to battery capacity, with the kind of usage, it is then decided, if you will be able to last your device for a day or not.  Come what may, one should never miss the chance to carry a backup in the bag. That is why power banks are lifesavers. VingaJoy, a gadget accessory and consumer electronics brand has recently launched a new powerbank named CHOTA BHEEM VB-SX10.

Here is our quick review of the powerbank to make you understand if it is the right fit for you.

Look and feel

Talking about the features and looks- the CHOTA BHEEM is slim, compact, and has a matte finish. I nearly carried it anywhere I went, and it took up the least space in my handbag. The powerbank has an LED digital battery Indicator to show how much battery is left. In the box, the company has given a carry bag as a complimentary gift in the box.

India Tv - VingaJoy CHOTA BHEEM VB-SX10 Powerbank

Image Source : INDIA TVVingaJoy CHOTA BHEEM VB-SX10 Powerbank

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The Made in India powerbank comes with a 10,000mAh battery capacity, and as per my usage, I charged 2 smartphones easily with a single fully charged powerbank. 

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CHOTA BHEEM VB-SX10 comes with dual input charging ports (TypeC/V8) and an output charging port with 2.0A. The powerbank comes with a lithium polymer battery which offers high-speed charging technology. Certainly as said, the powerbank delivered fast charging to smartphones, smartwatches, and wireless earbuds too.

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I have used the device often, but it does not overheat as the company has claimed that it comes with heat protection, short circuit protection, and overcharge protection- which works well and protects the charger and the gadgets. 


The powerbank is flexible to work with a wide range of devices, like tablets, cameras, headphones, Androids, and any type of dual C-enabled devices too. 

Price and Availability

The new wireless portable power bank has been priced at Rs. 2,790 and is available to shop at the retail store. We think that if the device would have been online, then the brand could have reached the masses easily.


Overall, CHOTA BHEEM VB-SX10 looks good, performs well, and is a good device to invest in, if you are a traveller or if you use your gadget heavily. Under the price tag of Rs 2,790, the powerbank is certainly on the higher side when we speak of the price point, and it is going to face some close competition with other players like Mi, realme and more brands which are offering powerbank with same, and higher battery capacity. 



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