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Portronics Muffs A wireless headphones 10 pointer review: Decent performer with long battery life

Portronics has launched a new pair of headphones named as “Muffs A” which has been designed with a super comfortable and highly ergonomic set of wireless headphones that performs with powerful bass and can go on for 30 hours on a single charge. We reviewed the headphones for 2 months and here is our

Written By: Saumya Nigam @snigam04 Noida Updated on: October 05, 2022 12:31 IST
Portronics Muffs A
Image Source : PORTRONICS Portronics Muffs A

Portronics introduced the new wireless headphone named ‘Muffs A’ in the month of July. We got our hands on the headphones and we reviewed the device for two good months below is our quick review to help you make a decision to choose the product. Here is our 10-pointer review below:

1. Looks: The unit we received for the review was in blue. I would like to say that the headphone looks sturdy and has a very premium look. From a distance itself, the headphone has been designed to grab the eyes. The Muffs A is designed with water, sweat and dust-resistant IPX5 body so you can be worry-free when using it during sweaty workouts or if you are caught in unexpected rain during your commute.

2. Comfort: These headphones are built using memory foam-based extremely soft and skin-friendly (removable) ear cushions and shaped with an ergonomic fluid design that offers superior comfort even when used over longer hours. I reviewed the headphones while travelling and working, and they did not give me any trouble whatsoever. I wore it over my head for almost 2 hours and it was comfortable and wasn’t heavy on my head. Hence, a heads-up for the comfort side.

3. Music and Sound Quality: The company has highlighted the powerful bass of the headphone. The headphones are powered by large 40mm drivers that produce deep and powerful bass while offering distortion-free crisp highs and mids. The Muffs A has been specifically designed for those who love music with powerful bass and crisp trebles, with an over-ear form factor. As stated, we tried high base sound, and some rock music, where the headphones performed decently fine. I will not say that the base is excellent, but is certainly good and creates no uncomfortable experience.

Also, the company said that the ergonomic design gives better sound isolation so you can cut off the ambient environmental chaos and enjoy your music and movies in peace or attend to voice and video calls without any disturbance. Although the music, when played at higher sound does leak out of the headphones, the quality was good.

4. Battery Life: Portronics comes with a 520mAh Lithium-ion battery and the company claims that the headphones can deliver up to 30 hours of playtime on a single charge. I tried using it and certainly, the headphones lasted for 4 days on a single charge where I used the headphone while travelling, working, working out at the gym and watching reels and short videos on my mobile at late hours. The battery lasted for a good time. 

Battery all drained and no charger around, no worries, the Portronics Muffs A can also be used with an audio cable that can be connected directly to your smartphone, tablet, or laptop so you can continue your entertainment non-stop. The audio cable can also benefit those who love gaming as it offers zero latency for superior audio sync.

5. Call Quality: This is another concern when we speak of budget headphones or earbuds- the music hearing experience is majorly appreciable, but companies tend to miss the feature of noise cancellation for a trouble-free calling experience. During the making of calls from Muff, headphones delivered clear and loud caller sounds, and the call receiver also got a clear experience in the context of voice. 

6. Connectivity and Pairing: Built around the latest Bluetooth V5.2 chip, the Portronics Muffs A features superior connectivity over a more extended range and also offers better power efficiency. Also, the device features a Type-C USB charging port which enables the headphone to charge faster. Any smartphone charger can connect the device easily. 

7. Pricing: The Portronics Muffs A is priced at Rs 1,999 and is available at the official website of Portronics, Amazon India, and other leading online and offline stores and 

8. Warranty: It comes with a 12-months warranty period. So in case, any trouble comes in, you can certainly get the trouble fixed

9. Competition: Portronics Muffs A headphones stand tall at an affordable price range with great comfort, long battery life and strong built quality. And it is under the budget of Rs 2,000- certainly makes it an affordable headphone of the present time. But as we all know, the headphones are bulky and if someone would want to carry them, will have to make some space in their bags. Hence, this Muff A headphone is decent, but at the same price band, we could get handy earbuds as well, which could be carried anywhere easily. Brands like OnePlus, Oppo, boAt and noise are some of the players, which might stand tall to complete with the new Portronics Muff A headphones. But talking about the headphones, there is another set of people who fancy ear headphones.

10. Verdict: Overall, the Portronics Muffs A has been priced at Rs 1,999 but it is available at a discounted price of Rs 1,649 on the Chroma store, and on Amazon, the same headphone is priced at Rs 1,399 (at the time of writing)


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