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Bigg Boss 13: Bhau proclaims Shehnaaz Gill 'Rakhi aunty' after fight over sleep. Watch video

In the latest Bigg Boss 13 promo, Shehnaaz Gill and Mahira Sharma get into a heated argument with Hindustani Bhau as he sleeps during the day time.

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New Delhi Updated on: December 06, 2019 13:15 IST
Shehnaaz Gill Hindustani Bhau

Shehnaaz Gill and Hindustani Bhau get into a heated argument

Bigg Boss 13 hosted by superstar Salman Khan is getting interesting day by day and now, that the show has got an extension for five weeks we can expect the drama and entertainment from the Bigg Boss house to continue. With the latest series of promos from today's episode of that has been shared by the channel we can expect the episode to be full of drama and romance.

In one of the promos, we can see Shehnaaz is seen arguing with Hindustani Bhau as he tries to sleep during the day. The incident starts when Shehnaaz and Mahira Sharma plan to wake up Hindustani Bhau from his sleep. Bhau overhears this conversation between them and starts arguing with her. He lashes out at Shehnaaz and asks who is she to stop him from sleeping. He tells her, ‘Teri Izzat Ki Waat Lagane ka Time Hai abi.’ to which Shehnaaz tells her she doesn’t need any respect from him. Irked Bhau goes on to call her'Rakhi aunty' and says ‘Rakhi aunty mat bol abi.’

 Mahira is seen requesting Bigg Boss to punish inmates for sleeping in the day despite it being against the rule.

Now it will be interesting to see the drama unfold today.

While the house quarrel and argue, there's a growing closeness between Asim Riaz and Himanshi Khurana. In another promo video, we watch the two getting close and having a romantic conversation as Asim tells Himanshi that he has started loving her and they share a hug.

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