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  • gotcha desi superman spiderwoman real muse behind pm modi s

    Gotcha! Desi 'Superman “ Spiderwoman' real muse behind PM Modi's Make in India!

    India TV News Desk | January 26, 2015 17:45 IST

    We bet Indian PM Narendra Modi's 'Make in India' policy was inspired by these two Bollywood actors!Move over the usual Spiderman or Superman, in India these power-pack characters hardly matters until given a Bollywood touch.You

  • delhi reacts on one night stands

    Delhi reacts on 'One Night Stands'!

    India TV News Desk | January 24, 2015 16:51 IST

    In a land of more than a billion people, the topic of 'sex' is still taboo... irony!And leaving the old doors of orhtodox chambers behind, people have started talking about it in publicYTV Networks carried

  • itna sanata kyun hai bhai cult dialogues that rule

    Itna sanata kyun hai bhai' - Cult dialogues that rule Bollywood big time!

    India TV News Desk | January 25, 2015 14:08 IST

    Ek 'cult' dialogue ki keemat, tum kya jano duniyawalo, Bollywood ke sar ka taj hota hai ek cult. dialogue.! Most movies are remembered for their great screenplays, music, action or drama, but very few become legendary

  • how 15 000 cctvs for obama visit will eventually help

    How 15,000 CCTVs for Obama visit will eventually help Delhiites!

    India TV News Desk | January 24, 2015 12:24 IST

    Much ahead of Obama's 3-day visit to India, Delhi people are already witness to thrill going vis-à-vis security measures. Our government has managed to do the unbelievable! Instructions have been given to install 15000 CCTV cameras, in

  • kiss of diplomacy

    Kiss of diplomacy!

    India TV News Desk | January 19, 2015 20:17 IST

    You can stay away from the ‘Kiss of Love'...but just can't avoid ‘Kiss of Diplomacy'!That's what happens when politicians often slip under the gratitude of diplomacy; ending up being captured wrong while displaying ambassadorial gestures!So,

  • things only typical indian college student can do

    Things only typical Indian college student can do!

    India TV News Desk | January 17, 2015 18:54 IST

    College life seemed so much cooler back then, late night sneak outs, bunking classes, checking out hot girls-dashy dudes...& what not!All our childhood we were fooled into believing that people who study hard for the

  • delhi elections this muft ka maal formula can backstab aap

    Delhi Elections! This 'muft' ka maal formula can backstab AAP

    India TV News Desk | January 18, 2015 17:57 IST

    Dumping the heart-wrenching memories of LS Polls and his 49-day stint as Delhi Chief Minister, Mufflerman is here back!He has again rise to the occasion to prove his worth to Delhi amid dense fog layer

  • oye kam kha this damn weight loss app insults you to work

    'Oye Kam kha' - This damn weight-loss app insults you to work hard!

    India TV News Desk | January 15, 2015 19:17 IST

    Imagine yourself relishing on your favourite pizza slice, only to be insulted by your weight-loss app calling you 'Kam kha, phat jayega!!!'You might want to crush your device, but alas that's the truth of this

  • whatsapp baba is already rocking the web world

    Whatsapp Baba is already rocking the web world!

    India TV News Desk | January 13, 2015 23:04 IST

    With so many ‘babas' taking the center stage, thanks to their remarks, movies, albums and even concerts, we often end up running behind some or the other.But to match up with today's high-tech world, we

  • chrissy teigen s bad cry becomes most viral golden globes

    Chrissy Teigen's bad cry becomes most viral Golden Globes memes!

    India TV News Desk | January 14, 2015 13:21 IST

    72nd Annual Golden Globe Awards was a night to remember for the entire International TV & cinematic world, not only for honoured artists but also due to some backdoor fun...Like every year, the event witnessed

  • one guy s heart wrenching video turned headache for others

    One guy's heart-wrenching video turned headache for others!

    India TV News Desk | January 15, 2015 14:27 IST

    Hold your breath, and sit back to enjoy Youtube's biggest singing sensation, the one and only 'Vennu Mallesh'!This guy is born with DNA picked from the genes of famous, Sachin Tendulkar, Rajinikanth, A.R.Rehman and not

  • new pakistan imran khan opens the innings with a blast

    New Pakistan! Imran Khan opens the innings with a 'blast'

    India TV News Desk | January 08, 2015 23:48 IST

    Imran Khan, who left cricketing pitch to score high on political ground, has communicated a naive definition for his propaganda of ‘New Pakistan'.Before the country could have really pitched for the transformation, the former cricketer

  • babu ji alok nath reacts to ku sanskari songs of 90s

    Babu Ji 'Alok Nath' reacts to Ku-sanskari songs of 90s!

    India TV News Desk | January 07, 2015 18:56 IST

    Bollywood boasts of a long list of double meaning songs.Esp in the early 90s, this trend picked up quite well,every second film used to have its share of sleazy numbers.These songs were not only suggestive

  • 10 out of the box english words we bet you didn t know

    10 out-of-the box English words, we bet you didn't know existed!

    India TV News Desk | January 07, 2015 11:07 IST

    Thinking English to be our second mother-tongue, many of us always end up boasting about our tremendous vocabulary…And to top it, that entire fake accent would someday be the reason behind out killing…literally!People often fail

  • typical indian fixtures in daily life

    Typical Indian fixtures in daily life!

    India TV News Desk | January 02, 2015 11:27 IST

    Indians are different from the people living in rest of the world… and they surely need no more to prove it!When life presents a problem to us we reply back with 100 solutions! As a

  • don t let these ruin your perfect 1st january

    Don't let 'these' ruin your perfect 1st January!

    India TV News Desk | January 01, 2015 12:53 IST

    Every year on 31st December many of us think that with clock striking 12, our lives would entirely change. The first day of the 'New Year' would be super exciting and happening, all our resolutions

  • why new year resolutions are often epic fails

    Why 'new year resolutions' are often epic fails!

    India TV News Desk | December 31, 2014 18:20 IST

    All our lives we strive to make quick changes, but that needs immense willpower and determination & that's where we fail (most of us!)Unlearning something is more difficult than learning something new, and dragging oneself

  • an open letter to higher authority at yerwada

    An open letter to Higher Authority at Yerwada!

    India TV News Desk | December 31, 2014 16:19 IST

    Respected Sir,We salute you for your commendable job and thank you for ensuring the safety within jail premises!We have never met though, but I started liking you and respecting the "human" inside you.Some of the

  • failed indian thief leaves touching note behind at canara

    Failed Indian thief leaves touching note behind at Canara Bank

    India TV News Desk | December 23, 2014 16:54 IST

    This can happen only in India!All of us grew up learning to apologize and move ahead; if we hurt someone or fail to stand up to their expectations.It seems this Indian thief too made sure

  • hold your breath this dancing all the night video might

    Hold your breath! This 'Dancing All The Night' video might give your guts a pain

    India TV News Desk | December 23, 2014 13:22 IST

    WARNING: You might die laughing, watching this video!This is another in a series of entertaining yet funny music videos by our Nepalese icon Bhim Niroula.All the countries mentioned in this video should take a cautionary