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'Ban Rohini Theater': Netizens angered after tribal family denied entry in movie hall

Netizens have lashed out at Rohini Theatre after the management refused entry of a tribal family into the movie theatre. Watch the video here.

Aparupa Devnath Written By: Aparupa Devnath New Delhi Updated on: March 30, 2023 18:41 IST
Tribal family denied entry in movie hall
Image Source : FILE IMAGE Tribal family denied entry in movie hall

Rohini Theatre management is proving that racism still exists in our country. On Thursday, clashes erupted after a video went viral on social media of Rohini theatre management denying the entry of a tribal family into the movie hall. Despite of having a ticket for the movie, the ST community family was not allowed to enter the theatre. After the video snowballed on the internet, it fumed netizens and they started demanding a ban on the theatre for such racist behaviour.

Watch the video here:

After facing the backlash, the management of the Rohini Silver Screens theatre tried to settle the whole controversy by issuing a statement that the movie was U/A certified and hence they were just following the protocol. The family had two kids and that is why they didn't allow them in the movie. "A few individuals along with their children with valid tickets have sought entry to the cinema to watch 'Pathu Thala' movie. As we know, the movie is censored U/A by the authorities," it said in a statement.

The statement read further, "Our ticket checking staff has denied entry on this basis to the family which had come with children aged 2,6,8 and 10. However, since the audience gathered turned into a frenzy and took a different perspective of the situation without full understanding, in order to avert any law and order problem. The same family was allowed entry to watch the movie on time," 

Netizens definitely didn't buy this explanation and answered them with befitting replies. One of the users tweeted, "U/A means that the children below the age of 12 can watch under parental guidance". Another user added, "Even if you have kids with you totally allowed to enter. Just parental guidance required or need to have an adult with the kids, that's it!". "‘U/A’ certificate: Anyone can watch it but kids under 12 years of age are advised to watch this movie with their parents (or any adult). But it is not necessary", added another user. "Pathetic behaviour by Theatre management. Govt should have to fined theatre owner a great sum of money for the welfare of these particular tribe", tweeted another user.

Though later the family was allowed to enter the movie hall, this cast discrimination is not in any way justified.


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