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  4. Armaan Malik's wives LEAVE YouTuber after he marries 'third wife', say 'Aap 10 shadi karo ya 20...'

Armaan Malik's wives LEAVE YouTuber after he marries 'third wife', say 'Aap 10 shadi karo ya 20...'

"Ache pati (husband) toh ban ni saake, ache pita (father) ban jana," write Kritika and Payal Malik before leaving YouTuber Armaan Malik.

Written By: India TV Trending Desk New Delhi Published on: February 09, 2023 12:24 IST
Armaan Malik
Image Source : YOUTUBE/ARMAAN MALIK Armaan Malik with his wives Kritika and Payal

YouTuber Armaan Malik, who has made headlines several times for two wives and one rumored ex-wife, was recently in the news for a video that he uploaded where he reportedly got married for the third time. However, it was later clarified that it was a prank. Following this, Armaan's wives Kritika and Payal Malik threatened to leave his house. In a video that went viral on social media, Payal and Kritika wrote a letter before leaving the house, where they mentioned, "Ache pati (husband) toh ban ni saake, ache pita (father) ban jana" as they leave their child at home with Armaan.

In the video, they also referred to the trolling the family went through during the 'third wife' prank. See their video: 

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Third wife Prank

In a recent viral video, Armaan is seen with a third woman, who he introduced as his wife. Armaan and his third wife was seen wearing wedding garlands (jaimala). Seeing her, both wives start fighting. It can be seen in the video that Payal and Kritika come home after an evening walk. She rests sitting on the sofa. Just then the doorbell rings. Kritika goes to Armaan and opens the door, who enters the house wearing a garland and asks Kritika and Payal to close their eyes. Both wives do not understand anything. Then Armaan brings another woman inside the house holding his hand and introduces Payal-Kritika and says that they have got married. She touches the feet of both Armaan's wives. But Payal and Kritika flare up badly. Watch:

Meanwhile, both Payal and Kritika are pregnant at the same time. While Payal is a mother to a boy, Kritika tried to get pregnant before but she faced miscarriages more than a couple of times.

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