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Angry netizens trend 'delete Facebook' after company leaks teenager’s abortion DMs to cops

Angry netizens flooded social media with ‘delete Facebook’ posts after the company breached a person’s private space and shared the DMs with the US cops.

Charu Jain Edited By: Charu Jain New Delhi Published on: August 12, 2022 14:28 IST
Delete Facebook protest
Image Source : TWITTER/@FINANCEWORLD8 Delete Facebook protest

Angry netizens have decided to come on the roads after the social media platform Facebook breached a person’s private matter. Social media is not a transparent space to share personal details. It raises the big question of data privacy, which is a matter of concern. A woman who belongs to Nebraska recently faced the same issue when she was charged by cops for helping her teenage daughter to get an abortion via Facebook messages. Now you must be wondering, how do the cops get this information, right? The Facebook company handed the woman’s message to the investigators.

As per the AP report, Meta said that it had received a warrant from law enforcement requesting the messages related to the Nebraska case on June 7, even before the US Supreme Court overturned Row v Wade. Going by the further details, Meta said at that time the warrant did not have any mention of abortion, in fact, it stated that it was just an investigation into the “alleged illegal burning and burial of a stillborn infant".

Other than this, in early June, the mother-daughter duo was charged with a single felony and two misdemeanours, which were related to the abandoning and concealing of a body. And after a month, their private chats came to light and the mother was charged with an abortion-related felony.

Now the Twitteratis are leaving their angry responses to this incident:

One user wrote, “Every woman should delete Facebook right now.#DeleteFacebook”. Another user said, “what's beyond horrifying is that people still think that  communication not written on paper is kept private”, “Violating a teenagers privacy, disgusting.”, wrote the third user. 

Have a look at more reactions: 


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