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Tech tips: Know how to add music to Instagram photo carousel

Instagram's latest update includes a new tool that enhances the impact of users' posts by allowing them to add music to their photo carousels. The feature works smoothly to blend visual and songs of the user's choice seamlessly.

Edited By: India TV Tech Desk New Delhi Published on: August 20, 2023 18:22 IST
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Image Source : FILE Know how to add music to Instagram photo carousel

In a recent update, Instagram has unveiled a range of exciting features primarily designed to empower content creators. Among these enhancements, a notable addition is the ability for users of all types to include music in their photo carousels. This innovative feature promises to enhance the appeal and interactivity of Instagram posts.

For individuals keen on showing their Instagram presence and crafting more engaging content, this new offering holds significant promise. Below, we outline the simple steps and prerequisites for seamlessly integrating music into your Instagram photo carousels.

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Step 1: Launch Instagram

Begin by opening the Instagram app on your device. Tap on the '+' icon located at the bottom of the screen to initiate the process of creating a carousel post.

Step 2: Choose Your Images
Select a minimum of two images that effectively convey the story you wish to share. Tap 'Next' to proceed to the editing phase.

Step 3: Add Music
Upon reaching the final editing page, click on 'Add music.' This step allows you to incorporate a background score that complements your photo carousel. While Instagram offers recommendations, you have the freedom to explore and select your preferred track.

Step 4: Customise Audio
You're presented with multiple options to find the ideal musical accompaniment. You can browse through suggested songs or utilize the search function to locate the perfect tune for your carousel. Alternatively, you can tap into your personal collection of saved music to personalise your choice.

Step 5: Finalise and Share
Once you've settled on a track, finalise your post by adding a caption, tags, and any additional details. In the top-right corner, tap 'Share' to publish your carousel.

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And there you have it! After successfully sharing your photo carousel, it will appear as a post on your Instagram profile. Your followers will encounter it in their Instagram feeds, much like any other standard post. The only distinctive feature is that as they interact with the post, background music will automatically enhance their experience.


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