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5 easy-to-follow tips to stay high on energy all day long

Low immunity and dipping energy taking a toll on your health?

Edited by: India TV Lifestyle Desk, New Delhi [ Published on: July 30, 2018 12:27 IST ]
5 easy-to-follow tips to stay high on energy all day long

5 easy-to-follow tips to stay high on energy all day long

We often tend to become less active due to the changes in weather. Following a hectic schedule, we end up having very less time for ourselves, as a result of which we resort to an unhealthy diet.

Good nutrition, plenty of water and an active lifestyle are a few habits you must adopt this season along with the following tips.

1. Kick-start your mornings with muesli - Keeping your tummy full and nourished during this time is very important. Start your mornings with muesli and be high on energy all day long. Muesli is a healthy mix of rolled oats, wheat flakes and corn flakes in different flavours. It is rich in dietary fibre, protein, iron and anti-oxidants.

2. Multi floral honey - This blend of sugar, trace enzymes, minerals, vitamins, and amino acids is quite unlike any other sweetener on the planet. Honey is a great substitute for sugar which helps in managing calorie better while also adding many healthy nutrients in place of empty calories. For a nutritiously satisfying meal, dribble some multi floral honey over a bowl of muesli with skimmed milk and pleasure that sweet tooth.

3. Say yes to oats - Indulge in a bowl of oats which is rich in dietary fibre and protein. Oats are a low-calorie food that keeps one fuller for longer. They also manage cholesterol levels, maintain healthy body weight and reduce the risk of blood sugar and diabetes.

4. Go green! - Say no to sweet, carbonated drinks, but rather opt for a warm cup of green tea. Packed with powerful anti-oxidants and nutrients, green tea helps regulate blood sugar, improve brain function and enhance metabolism. This 'super-drink' also helps in increasing the detoxification process in the body and weight loss. Add a dash of honey, squeeze a lemon in your cup of green tea and make your day a tangy and zesty affair!

5. Drink more water - If you find it hard to drink plain water, you can try adding lemon, fresh juices or green herbal tea. Water is important to keep the immune system healthy and to flush out toxins. So, make sure you stay well-hydrated!

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