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5 Foods and beverages to have for positive mood, healthy lifestyle tips

Healthy lifestyle tips: 5 superfoods and beverages which are healthy to eat, boost your energy level, and will also satisfy your food cravings.

Pavni Jain Written by: Pavni Jain New Delhi Updated on: September 04, 2018 10:37 IST
5 Foods and beverages to have for positive mood, healthy lifestyle tips

5 Foods and beverages to have for positive mood, healthy lifestyle tips

It's monsoon and the season brings us instant happiness and couple of days guilt. Because these pleasing rainy days soon become cheat days. We start craving for food that we placed on the top of our what-not-to-eat diet list. All of a sudden, we want to eat everything fried, oily and creamy resulting in low-level energies.

This is why we curated a list of top five superfoods and beverages that are healthy to eat, boots your energy level, and satisfy your monsoon-food cravings as well.

1. Cherries & Berries

Whatever the season is, delicious cherries and berries should always be a part of your diet. This is not just a flavorful happy fruit but is equally healthy and full of nutrients. These also help you in improving your immune system especially cherries whereas, strawberries and blueberries are powerful for the brain.

Tip: Since, seeing a colorful bowl of cherries and berries will lift your mood, you can also look for simple recipes on complementing this fruit.

2. Nuts

Nuts like almonds, cashews and pistachios are great source of nutrients. But when it comes to mood boosting, almonds can do wonders. Almonds reduces stress, instantly makes you feel energetic and also helps in better immune system.

3. Chocolate

Chocolate of any kind can boost anybody's mood. But the important factor is the amount of consumption. As excess of milk chocolate can leave you in the state of dullness. So, just be careful with the choice you make. Here's a suggestion, have a piece of dark chocolate whenever you crave for something sweet in rainy days. Because dark chocolate is good for your brain memory and healthy for heart.

Tip: You can also buy a nutty chocolate bar which is packed with nutrients and great at taste.

4. Tea/Coffee/Milk

There is nothing new with the kind of beverages we mentioned here except one thing! We all drink either tea or coffee as part of our daily routine but what makes these drinks different in the monsoon season is the use of spices in it.

So, here's our exclusive tip: add spices like turmeric to your glass of milk and black pepper to your cup of tea. These spices will keep you protected against the germs of the season.

5. Soups

A bowl of hot soup is certainly we all crave for in this season. In this case, we suggest our readers to order soups for themselves that are high in nutrients and filled with green vegetables.

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