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Sufism a true essence for humanities

Classical Sufi Scholars have defined Sufism as a Science whose objective is the reparation of the heart and turning it away from all else but God. 

Reported by: India TV Lifestyle Desk, New Delhi [ Published on: April 19, 2018 19:16 IST ]
Sufism a true essence for humanities

Sufism a true essence for humanities

Sufism as a Cult adheres to the inner, mystical dimension of Islam. Practitioners of this tradition are generally known as Sufis and belong to different Orders. They trace many of their original precepts from the Prophets, with notable exception of the Naqshbandi ,who trace their origins through the first Caliph, Abu Bakr. Classical Sufi Scholars have defined Sufism as a Science whose objective is the reparation of the heart and turning it away from all else but God. Alternatively, in the words of Darqawi Sufi Teacher, Ahmad Ibn Ajiba said, “A science through which one can know how to travel into the presence of the divine, to purify one’s inner self from filth, and beauty it with a variety of praiseworthy traits.”

Few people are still thinking about Khawaja Moinuddin Chishty R.A as a Sufi Saint only for one religion which is not true, a beautiful story which will prove that Khawaja Moinuddin Chishty R.A was worked for humanities towards all religions .

Real means of “Love towards all malice towards none”- by Khawaja Moinuddin Chishty R.A also known as Garib Nawaz (Patron of Poor).

In the olden times, once an old Hindu lady heard about Khawaja. So she planned to prepare food for Khawaja Garib Nawaz R.A, she was living 29 miles away from Ajmer. On the other side Khawaja Garib Nawaz was sitting with Khawaja Qutbuddin R.A in his cave and worshipping there in days of Ramadan. Khawaja was fasting and suddenly he opened his eyes and said Qutbuddin, one old Hindu lady is coming to see me. Go out and welcome her. Khawaja Qutbuddin went outside and waited. He welcomed her when she arrived and brought her inside the Cave where Khawaja sahab was already praying. Old lady sat front of Khawaja sahab and said, “I heard a lot about you. I am blessed now.” Then she said Khawaja Moinuddin Chishty R.A., I have prepared food for you and have not eaten from six days. Khawaja sahab was fasting with closed eyes, he opened them and said, “Give me your food” and he started eating and once he finished, he raised his hand and prayed Yaa Allah feed this lady and her next three generations who have fed me. After this, the lady left and Khawaja Qutbuddin R.A was shocked he asked, “Ya Garib Nawaz, did you forget you were fasting? Khawaja Moinuddin said No, I haven’t forgotten, I am fasting. Then he said, “O Qutbuddin answer me. Is there a punishment for breaking fast in Islam? What is a punishment for breaking a Human Heart? Specially that individual who didn’t eat herself from 6 days just so she could cook food for me.”

A Sufi saint who can break a fast for an old Hindu lady just so that her heart doesn’t break, one can imagine what else can he do for everyone.

Ajmer Sharif is still a symbol of peace, love and harmony where millions of people come every year and everyone receives blessing.

This was final discourse of Khwaja Moinuddin Chishty to his disciples, one month before his death:

Love all and hate none.

Mere talk of peace will avail you naught.
Mere talk of God and religion will not take you far.
Bring out all the latent powers of your being
and reveal the full magnificence of your immortal self.
Be overflowing with peace and joy,
and scatter them wherever you are
and wherever you go.
Be a blazing fire of truth,
be a beauteous blossom of love
and be a soothing balm of peace.
With your spiritual light,
dispel the darkness of ignorance;
dissolve the clouds of discord and war
and spread goodwill, peace, and harmony among the people.
Never seek any help, charity, or favors
from anybody except God.
Never go to the court of kings,
but never refuse to bless and help the needy and the poor,
the widow, and the orphan, if they come to your door.
This is your mission, to serve the people…..
Carry it out devotedly and courageously, so that I, as your Pir-o-Murshid (spiritual holy guide)
may not be ashamed of any shortcomings on your part
before the Almighty God and our holy predecessors in the Silsila on the Day of Judgment.

Author: Fatima Javed, freelance writer

Disclaimer: The views, opinions and facts expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of India TV. The company does not assume any responsibility or liability for the same.

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