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Shantanu Gupta's graphic novel '101 Reasons, Why I Will Vote For Modi' released: Know details

Dive into a unique political narrative with Shantanu Gupta's comic book '101 Reasons, Why I Will Vote For Modi.' Experience Prime Minister Narendra Modi's tenure through innovative graphic novel storytelling.

Written By: Rahul Pratyush New Delhi Updated on: March 19, 2024 14:54 IST
101 Reasons, Why I Will Vote For Modi
Image Source : FILE IMAGE Shantanu Gupta's new graphic novel released

Usually, we connect comic books and graphic novels to entertainment, fun and children. But in the 2024 election season, author Shantanu Gupta has brought first of its kind comic book doing some serious political and policy commentary using the medium of graphic novels, targeted for voters. The book is titled - “101 Reasons, Why I Will Vote for Modi”

In an interview, Gupta explained that his book represents a pioneering effort to narrate Prime Minister Narendra Modi's decade-long tenure through the lens of a graphic novel, utilizing ten distinct popular art styles. Drawing inspiration from his research at the University of Oxford on the utilization of graphic novels for political commentary, Gupta emphasizes the immense potential of this medium in effectively communicating political ideas to the masses. He underscores that the book is crafted from the perspective of a voter, exploring the rationale behind voting for Modi in the upcoming 2024 elections.

Gupta's narrative is based on extensive interactions with beneficiaries of various schemes implemented by the Modi government, presenting each of the 101 reasons with comparative data, human stories, and poetic couplets to encapsulate the impact of these initiatives. Moreover, the book showcases ten internationally recognized art styles, ranging from semi-realistic and manga style to Disney and traditional Indian comic book style, serving not only political analysts but also the wider community of comic book enthusiasts.

The core of Gupta's book revolves around a dialogue between a Modi critic and the author himself, wherein the protagonist seeks a compelling reason to support Modi in 2024. Through this discourse, Gupta takes readers on a journey to the heart of India during which they they end up listing not one but 101 strong reasons to vote for Modi in 2024. By employing innovative artwork, Gupta sheds light on the transformative changes brought about by Modi's policies, particularly in the lives of common people, with a focus on areas such as healthcare, agriculture, education, and infrastructure development. The book ends with discussing the Narendra Modi factor in #NewIndia's development story.

Gupta contends that voter behaviour hinges on two variables:

  1. The improvement in the "ease of living" under the incumbent government 
  2. The voter's identity encompasses factors like caste, religion, gender, age, region, and language. 

He argues that effective governance can diminish the influence of identity politics, paving the way for accelerated growth and development.

Each case presented in the book concludes with a poignant four-line poetic couplet, imbuing the narrative with a human touch and offering insights into citizens' voting behaviour. Like, while describing the massive change that the PM Ujjwala Yojana has brought in the life of Ramavati and 10 crore more households, the author and the artist sketch the life of a woman before and after the gas stove in her kitchen and end the case with these poetic lines:

“Her mornings started with gathering wood each day,

To cook meals, like smoking 300 cigarettes sway.
Now, with a lighter, a gas stove's dance,
Her vote echoes for Modi, in every chance."


Notable figures such as Bibek Debroy and Mohandas Pai have lauded Gupta's innovative approach, praising the book's ability to communicate a political message effectively through the graphic novel format. Bibek Debroy, Chairman of the Economic Advisory Committee (EAC) to PM Modi said, "..Rarely has the graphic novel style been used to communicate a political message with such effect. In the words of voters, Shantanu Gupta tells a vivid story...”. Mohandas Pai, Chairman of Aarin Capital & the Ex CFO of Infosys wrote that Shantanu's Graphic novel is a great innovation in helping voters decide their vote. Mahesh Sharma did the art direction for the book along with various artists and Pallavi Saxena and Anand Upadhyay did the designing of this first-of-its kind of comic book in the Indian political landscape. 

With testimonials from esteemed personalities and gaining traction in both political and comic circles, Gupta's endeavour is garnering widespread acclaim, reflected in its ascent to the top charts on platforms like Amazon during this election season.


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