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After Akshara Singh's MMS allegedly went viral, video of her sobbing surfaces; know truth behind it

Akshara Singh's name was caught in controversy after an MMS video claiming to feature the actress went viral. Soon after, another video of her sobbing surfaced on the Internet. Know the truth behind the videos here.

India TV Entertainment Desk Written By: India TV Entertainment Desk New Delhi Published on: September 18, 2022 14:03 IST
Akshara Singh

Akshara Singh's name became a highlight after allegedly Bhojpuri actress' MMS went viral on the Internet. In the apparent video, a woman claimed to Akshara is seen in an objectionable situation. Soon after the news went rampant on social media, another video of the Bigg Boss fame actress surfaced. In this second video, she is seen sobbing and questioning people about defaming women. 

In the second video, the teary actress says her fans love her and support her but it breaks her heart to see people from her industry maligning each other's images and slandering their contemporaries in a wrongful manner. She says that there are a number of Entertainment industries in the country like that of Punjab, South films and Bollywood but Bhojpuri actors are often seen in the midst of such situations. She questions why it can't be peaceful like other film industries. 

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"What makes the Bhojpuri industry the only one suffused with filth? Where does all this cheapness come from? It seems that everyone is after each other. Make sure everyone is blocked. No one should hear his song. There is no way for any other actor to go far ahead. Ultimately, what is all this about?" she says in the video.

While many claim it to be a recent video of Akshara's reaction to the alleged MMS leak, media reports suggest that it is an old video of the actress. Reportedly, the two-year-old video was her reaction to the Bhojpuri film industry and the controversies around it. 

Akshara is not the first one to have her mired in such a controversy. Earlier, Akshara's competitor Amjali Arora was caught in the same waters after a fake video surfaced on the Internet. It was claimed to be an MMS which had Anjali and her boyfriend in a compromising position. The social media influencer quashed the reports at once and slammed those tarnishing her image. She also said that people competing who cannot match up to her success resort to acts to pull her down. 

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