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Google Pixel vs iPhone X: Anand Mahindra shares pics, asks Twitter to judge phone with better camera

Google Pixel or iPhone X? Anand Mahindra shares his review.

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New Delhi Published on: September 19, 2019 14:27 IST
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Google Pixel vs iPhone X: Which has better camera?

Businessman Anand Mahindra is quite active on Twitter. He often shares videos or news which go viral in no time. Recently, Anand Mahindra sparked a debate on Twitter by asking netizens to judge which has better camera- Google Pixel of iPhone X. 

The businessman took to micro-blogging site to share a photo from New York and wrote, ''Manhattan moonscape. Have to admit, my pixel takes much sharper pics than my iPhone X. And I'm told the Samsung is even better?''.

Well, this single tweet was enough to irk Apple fans.

Later, Anand Mahindra shared two pictures comparing camera quality of Google Pixel and iPhone X. "Still experimenting with my pixel & my iPhone X here in Manhattan. Just came out of a broadway show, did a simple point & shoot, same spot, same angle, same time. You be the judge,'' he captioned.

As soon as tweeted, comments started pouring in. While many supported Pixel, Apple users lauded the phone for its clarity. 

''Left is Pixel, I am sure. Pixel has an amazing camera!,'' tweeted a user.

Another Twitter user commented, ''Picture in right side is more clear. I judge camera clarity after zooming the picture. One which get less blurred when you zoom the pic is good as per laymen like me. By the way if you love pixel more than iPhone X you can gift iPhone X to someone like me''.

''The second picture has been clicked with a dirty lens. Not a fair comparison,'' commented a follower.

The 64-year-old businessman enjoys a huge social media following. He often conducts 'caption competition'. On Tuesday, the actor shared a picture and wrote, ''It’s been a while since I did a caption competition. So here goes. The perfect weird picture to create a caption for. In English or Hindi...or Hinglish.. Will accept entries till 10 am tomorrow IST. And as always, the winner will get a die-cast scale model of a Mahindra vehicle''.

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