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Kanpur woman learning to drive crushes parked bikes by ramming car. Watch viral video

A woman inadvertently reversed her car into a row of parked scooters and motorcycles.

Written By: Kritika Bansal New Delhi Published on: May 12, 2023 7:19 IST
Kanpur woman learning to drive crushes parked bikes
Image Source : TWITTER Kanpur woman learning to drive crushes parked bikes

Trending News: A viral video circulating on social media has captured a startling incident that took place in the Gumti market area of Uttar Pradesh’s Kanpur. The footage depicts a car perched precariously on top of parked motorcycles. Startlingly, the woman remains seated inside the four-wheeler while spectators surrounding the scene vociferously express their outrage, holding her accountable and demanding compensation for the damages incurred. The clip captured the moment when she inadvertently reversed her car, resulting in it mounting a line of parked scooters and motorcycles by the side of a busy road. While attempting to reverse, she unintentionally accelerated, causing the car to leap onto the bikes and scooters.

The clip also reveals the astonishing sight of a car teetering atop the motorcycles. Subsequently, a female occupant emerges from the vehicle, assessing the extent of the damage before returning to the car and attempting to dislodge it. Throughout this tumultuous sequence, a crowd forms, asking for compensation and expressing their discontent. Reports indicate that numerous motorcycles and scooters were parked in the designated area adjacent to the divider in the bustling Gumti market.

Watch the viral video here:

Consequently, between four to six two-wheelers suffered significant damage. The woman herself acknowledged her lack of expertise in driving a car, citing her ongoing learning process as a contributing factor to the accident.

Upon receiving information about the incident, the Fazalganj police promptly arrived at the location to diffuse the situation and reassure the agitated crowd by ensuring appropriate compensation would be provided. Both the woman and the affected two-wheeler owners were escorted to the police station for further proceedings. Authorities issued a fine of Rs 2,500 to the woman for reckless driving, ultimately reaching a settlement that satisfied both parties, leading to no further legal action being taken.


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