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  • moscow slams kiev for diversion of minsk peace agreements

    Moscow slams Kiev for diversion of Minsk peace agreements

    World | March 18, 2015 8:11 IST

    Moscow: Russia has slammed the Ukrainian leadership for diverting the Minsk peace agreements reached in February between Kiev and Donbass insurgents.The bill on the "special status" of Donbass territories under the control of insurgents, which

  • mother of mh17 victim takes ukraine to human rights court

    Mother of MH17 victim takes Ukraine to Human Rights Court

    World | November 30, 2014 10:48 IST

    Berlin: The mother of a victim of downed Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 has begun legal proceedings against Ukraine at the European Court of Human Rights, accusing Kiev of failing to close the country's airspace, a

  • ukrainian parliament approves new defence minister

    Ukrainian parliament approves new defence minister

    World | October 14, 2014 17:23 IST

    Kiev: The Ukrainian Parliament Tuesday approved the commander of the National Guard, Stepan Poltorak, as the country's new defence minister.Poltorak's appointment was supported by 245 lawmakers in the 450-member assembly after he was nominated by

  • moscow urges kiev for osce observers safety

    Moscow urges Kiev for OSCE observers' safety

    World | July 31, 2014 8:50 IST

    Moscow: Russian government on Wednesday urged the Ukrainian side to immediately stop military operations to ensure the security of observers of the Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE)."Continuing armed hostilities in the southeastern

  • putin russia has right to use force in ukraine

    Putin: Russia has right to use force in Ukraine

    World | March 04, 2014 17:37 IST

    Moscow: Russian President Vladimir Putin said Moscow reserves the right to use all means to protect Russians in Ukraine as U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry was on his way to Kiev. Tensions remained high

  • ukraine protesters take kiev president says coup

    Ukraine protesters take Kiev; president says coup

    World | February 22, 2014 23:01 IST

    Kiev: Protesters today took control of Ukraine's capital, seizing the president's office as parliament voted to remove him and hold new elections.President Viktor Yanukovych described the events as a coup and insisted he would not

  • 70 protesters killed 500 wounded in kiev

    70 protesters killed, 500 wounded in Kiev

    World | February 21, 2014 9:56 IST

    Kiev: Tossing firebombs, protesters advanced upon police lines today in Ukraine's embattled capital, eve as government snipers shot back, killing at least 70 people and wounding hundreds of others, according to a protest doctor.  Video

  • deadly violence that killed 27 shatters ukraine truce

    Deadly violence that killed 27 shatters Ukraine truce

    World | February 20, 2014 22:06 IST

    Kiev: Ukraine's brittle truce shattered today in fierce clashes between baton-wielding protesters and riot police that claimed at least 27 lives just as EU envoys were holding crisis talks with the embattled president.Bodies of anti-government

  • ukrainian president calls truce with opposition

    Ukrainian president calls truce with opposition

    World | February 20, 2014 8:49 IST

    Kiev: Amid mounting global pressure on his government to end violence, an embattled Ukranian President Viktor Yanukovych agreed Thursday to hold talks with the opposition after at least 26 people were killed this week."Negotiations" would

  • sergei bubka calls for halt to violence in ukraine

    Sergei Bubka calls for halt to violence in Ukraine

    Other Sports | February 19, 2014 17:27 IST

    Sochi, Russia:  Sergei Bubka, the pole vault great who heads the Ukrainian Olympic Committee, urged both sides Wednesday in Ukraine's political crisis to lay down their weapons and halt the violence that is bringing the

  • ukraine 25 killed 241 injured in kiev clashes

    Ukraine: 25 killed, 241 injured in Kiev clashes

    World | February 19, 2014 15:58 IST

    Kiev(Ukraine):  As thick black smoke rose from the barricades encircling the protest camp in central Kiev today, the Ukrainian president blamed opposition leaders for the deadly violence in which at least 25 people died and

  • ukrainian protesters besiege government buildings

    Ukrainian protesters besiege government buildings

    World | December 02, 2013 20:34 IST

    Kiev:  Thousands of Ukrainian protesters on Monday besieged government buildings in Kiev and called for the ouster of the prime minister and his Cabinet, as anger at the president's decision to ditch a deal for

  • ukraine tens of thousands march through kiev

    Ukraine: Tens of thousands march through Kiev

    World | December 01, 2013 17:35 IST

    Kiev: As many as 100,000 demonstrators chased away police to rally in the center of Ukraine's capital on Sunday, defying a government ban on protests on Independence Square, in the biggest show of anger over

  • protests continue in tense ukraine capital

    Protests continue in tense Ukraine capital

    World | November 25, 2013 17:38 IST

    Kiev: Hundreds of angry Ukrainians clashed with riot police outside the government building Monday as protests continued in Kiev over the government's abrupt decision to pause integration with the West and tilt toward Moscow.Demonstrators called