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PM Narendra Modi in Gorakhpur: Mantra of 'Jai Jawan Jai Kisan' implemented from this stage today

The prime minister will also distribute certificates to select farmers under the PM-KISAN scheme and interact with select beneficiaries of through video conferencing.

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New Delhi Updated on: February 24, 2019 15:05 IST

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday launched the Pradhan Mantri Kisan Samman Nidhi Yojana (PM-KISAN) along with some other initiatives from Gorakhpur in Uttar Pradesh. The scheme, announced in the interim budget 2019-20, will be launched from the Fertilizer Corporation of India ground by pressing a button to electronically transfer the first installment of Rs 2,000 to selected farmers, a government statement said on Saturday.

Under the scheme, Rs 6,000 will be given per year to small and marginal farmer families having combined land holding/ownership of up to two hectares.

The amount will be given in three installments of Rs 2,000 each and will be transferred directly to the bank accounts of beneficiaries through the direct benefit transfer (DBT) scheme.

The DBT will ensure transparency in the process and save time for farmers. The Scheme was introduced to augment the income of small and marginal farmers and is estimated to benefit over 12 crore farmers.

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During his visit to the city, the prime minister also distributed certificates to select farmers under the PM-KISAN scheme.

"The PM-KISAN scheme aims to supplement the financial needs of small and marginal farmers in procuring various inputs to ensure proper crop health and appropriate yields, commensurate with the anticipated farm income at the end of each crop cycle. This would also protect them from falling in the clutches of moneylenders for meeting such expenses and ensure their continuance in farming activities," said the statement.

The PM-KISAN is a scheme with 100 per cent funding from the central government. It became effective on December 1, 2018 for transfer of benefit to eligible beneficiaries.

"The state governments and the UT administration will identify the farmer families, which are eligible for support as per scheme guidelines," it said.

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi also layed foundation stone and dedicated various development projects to the nation in Gorakhpur. 

Here are the highlights: 

01:24 pm: Prime Minister Narendra Modi announces new schemes and initiatives for the benefit of farmers

01:18 pm: Farmers who do not have credit cards will be provided the same with a limit of upto Rs 2 lakh, which will prevent them for taking loans from others: PM Narendra Modi ​

01:17 pm: The limit for loans through Kisan credit card has been increased from Rs 1 lakh to Rs 1 lakh 60 thousand. This loan can be availed without any guarantee: PM Narendra Modi ​

01:09 pm: Loan waivers would have been easy and convenient for us too, we also could have distributed 'rewri' for political and election benefits, but we can't commit such a crime. Loan waiver benefits only a select few: PM Narendra Modi ​

01:05 pm: I warn those state governments who are looking to play politics with, if you indulge in this, the farmers' curse will destroy your politics: PM Narendra Modi 

12:56 pm: I also urge the farmers to beware of any traps and rumours by people. This is your money and it will not be taken back, those who spread such rumours should be shunted: PM Narendra Modi 

12:55 pm: I urge all state governments to come forward with this initiative and not indulge into politics with the farmers of the country: PM Narendra Modi

12:54 pm: The Centre has done its job today, now it is the responsibility of the state governments to provide us the list of farmers: PM Narendra Modi

12:51 pm: The farmers will not have to struggle to fulfill their daily requirements now: PM Narendra Modi

12:50 pm: Nearly 2 crore farmers of the country will receive the first installment of Rs 2000 in their bank accounts and this is just the beginning: PM Narendra Modi

12:49 pm: Under this initiative today, I have transferred the first installment in the accounts of our farmers: PM Narendra Modi

12:48 pm: We are working in a way that the farmers will be able to make a two-fold shift in their income by the year 2022: PM Narendra Modi

12:47 pm: Those who ruled the country for so long did not intend to work for the welfare of our farmers. It is the government that you had elected 5 years back, which is making earnest efforts to provide the best of facilities to our farmers: PM Narendra Modi

12:45 pm: Various plans were made by the previous governments in the past, but none were fulfilled: PM Narendra Modi

12:42 pm: Today is not an ordinary day. The mantra of 'Jai Jawan Jai Kisan' is being implemented today from this stage: PM Narendra Modi

12:39 pm: Prime Minister Narendra Modi addresses gathering in Gorakhpur

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