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Zodiac signs and their parenting skills; know if you can be a super mom or super dad

Becoming a parent is one of the biggest joys of life. Based on your zodiac sign, know of you are destined to be a super mom or super dad.

India TV Lifestyle Desk Written By: India TV Lifestyle Desk New Delhi Published on: January 11, 2023 23:03 IST
Image Source : FREEPIK How good will you be at parenting? Find out

Parenting is one of life's biggest joys. However, how good a parent you are destined to be will be dictated by how you are as a person. Your personality traits as per the zodiac signs will also have a bearing on how you will grow up to be as a parent. Parenting can be a taxing job and let's find out at how people hailing from different zodiac signs take to this aspect of their lives.


They believe in giving all the freedom to their kids. Thus their off-springs will turn out to be ambitious and passionate. Aries believe in imparting cultural values to the kids and promote them to think bigger. 


They believe in giving their kids a lot of security and support. They do not believe in leaving wealth for their children. Instead, they make them worthy of creating their own wealth.



Gemini are more of a friend with their child. Parents hailing from this zodiac sign indulge in intense communication and give individual attention to their children. 


They believe in spending as much time as possible with their kids and also like to go out with them. Overall, they are very children oriented and find their pleasure in their little ones. 

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Parents belonging to this zodiac sign are very open-minded. They believe in making their children competitive. 


Virgos are quite dominating as a parent. Kids of these zodiac sign may be a little bit introvert, silent and bookworm kinds. They can be very strict at times with their kids.


Libras would allow their children to do whatever they want and provide them with whatever they want. They are very kind and soft to kids. Further, they like to educate kids on moral values.

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Do whatever you want to do, but make sure you are on the right path and deal with whatever comes your way, don't come to me for help - this is the approach of parents belonging to this zodiac sign. They make the kids self-dependent and give them utmost strength.


They like to take their kids out for adventure and movies and impart them with good knowledge. They tend to be kids with kids, giving them lot of attention and correcting them wherever needed. They set good examples for children.


They are very practical and open-minded, and bring up their children with good values and traditions. Their concept is to show all aspects of life to their kids, and let them choose their own path.


Expression of love towards kids comes naturally to them and hence they usually enjoy good relations with their off-springs. They are quite open-minded, and at times, they allow their kids to do wrong as well, so that they learn from their own mistakes. They share a great bond with their kids.


They are great as motivating parents, who take good care of their kids' feelings and give them utmost support. They do not hesitate in going the extra mile for their children.

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