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Relationship mistakes that all zodiac signs must avoid

Relationships can be tricky when your personality comes in the way. Know what habits zodiac signs must avoid so that their partnership lasts longer.

India TV Lifestyle Desk Written By: India TV Lifestyle Desk New Delhi Published on: January 08, 2023 15:15 IST
Image Source : FREEPIK As per zodiac signs, avoid the following habits in relationships

Relationships are the most precious aspect of all mankind. However, our nature may sometimes push our loved ones away. Zodiac signs that are compatible with each other tend to have a stronger bond and their relationships last longer. On the other hand, due to personality traits specific to the zodiac signs, some problems may occur. As per your zodiac sign, know what may be your weakest point in a relationship and try to work on it for better and long-lasting bonds. 


Aries may tend to be dominant and they end up being too controlling at times. If you can amange the competitive nature a litter better than you can make a better bond with your partner.


This zodiac sign tries to hide its feelings which can hurt a relationship the most. In a trusting environment, instead of holding back, make the point of view clear. Remember, holding back your pain will brew into a lot of poison.


You run away the moment there is some problem in your relationship, which means you hardly stick to one for long.


You have a tendency to get so much into a relationship that you lose yourself, and your individuality. You let co-dependency creep in and forget your own identity.


You forget that you are overshadowing your own partner. Keep drama away from your relationships to make them more fruitful.


You have an annoying habit of trying to fix people all the time. Embrace the partner with all their faults and make yourself more empathetic. 


You play hot and cold when least expected, and this can confuse your partner. You say yes but do not act on it and your doubting habits can ruin your relationship.


Your way is the highway attitude can be an issue. Your intensity can create problems in a relationship. From coming close, you can make your partner run away really fast. 


 You think everything is nice in this world. This cannot annoy your partner sometimes. Your habit of brushing everything under the carpet cannot be an answer.

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You take very long to trust when it comes down to your relationship. You take so long to communicate your feelings that you can even lose your love.


You can seem to be too cold and detached for someone interested in you. Your me-time is important but you tend to overdo it. Remember to take out time to spend together with your partner. 


When you are in love everything becomes beautiful for you and you forget to set boundaries and sacrifice too much. When that bubble breaks, you are left with a devastated soul. 

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