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World Milk Day: Why toned milk is better than whole milk?

On world milk day, let’s discuss the which one of the two: toned milk and whole milk, is a better option

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New Delhi Updated on: June 01, 2017 17:53 IST
World Milk Day: Toned milk vs whole milk
World Milk Day: Toned milk or whole milk which one is better?

Today is World Milk Day, so let's clear some of our age-old doubts regarding milk. When you visit the dairy section of a supermarket, you’re often confused on seeing such a massive variety of milk available nowadays. Earlier, there were only handful types of milk which always kept our milk choices sorted. On World Milk Day, let’s discuss the two common confusions we have in our mind about milk. This post will answer your queries whether to take toned milk or whole milk. Next time you shop for milk, don’t forget to read the label carefully. 

If you love the taste of milk but want to avoid the fat contents of the same, then pick the toned milk for yourself. Toned milk is a substitute for whole milk that lacks fat or contains very little of it. It is obtained by adding skimmed milk powder and water to whole milk. During this process, the fat content of the milk decreases. Apart from fat contents, there are many other reasons why toned milk is healthier than whole milk. Here we go… 

Toned milk is rich in nutrients 

The nutrient level of toned milk and whole milk is similar. The only difference is that toned milk lacks the fat soluble calories. It is rich in calcium and helps in strengthening your bones, teeth and muscles. It is also a rich source of whey protein, which is digested easily by your body. Drink a glass of toned milk everyday to curb binge eating in afternoon. 

Low in calorie

Trying to shed those extra pounds? Then toned milk is the best for you. One cup of toned milk contains 150 cal while that of whole milk contains 285 cal. Can you see the difference? Plus, the calories in toned milk is in the form of carbohydrates which is a natural sugar lactose. 

Low fat 

As we’ve already told, toned milk is less in fat and more in nutrients. It contains only 3% fat which can be a good option for those who’re trying to lose weight. Toned milk is also low in cholesterol. 

How much toned milk you should have everday? 

Children between 3-12 years: 3 glasses of toned milk 

Adults: 2 glasses  
Elderly people: Drink about 750 ml of toned milk everyday

You can also switch to plant-based milk if you're looking for a more vegan option. Here's what a Twitter user tweeted on World Milk Day: