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5 pre-workout food tips for better results

Having the right nutrition before a workout session will help you in getting better results, be it muscle building or weight loss. Additionally, it is important to have enough energy in the body to help you through a workout plan. 

India TV Lifestyle Desk Written by: India TV Lifestyle Desk New Delhi Published on: February 10, 2022 8:38 IST
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What to eat and avoid before a workout session?


  • Including carbohydrates and protein in a pre-workout meal is advised
  • Caffeine intake 40 mins to 1 hour before workout can improve performance
  • Avoid too much fat before a workout as they break down slower inside the body

Many of us like to workout to take better care of our health and build a good physique. However, results can be delayed or sometimes may not even show even after hard work. This can put anyone off. But, the reason may be in your nutrition intake. As important it is to follow a good fitness routine, it is equally important to eat right for better and faster results. A good diet can help your body perform better during workouts and recover faster afterward. Here are some food items and tips that you must include in your pre-workout plan so that the results are maximum. 


Have a protein shake or a protein-rich meal 2-3 hours before your workout. It will lead to an increased rate of muscle protein synthesis that lasts for several hours. Fish, eggs, chicken, beans and lentils are some food sources rich in protein. This will help in building muscle. 


Carbohydrates provide energy to the body and are a must before a workout. Vegetables, pasta, bread, brown rice are some sources of carbohydrates that will help you perform better and longer during a workout.


Do not consume too much fat before a workout as they break down slower than carbs. Avocados, nuts and seeds may be had before a workout so that body has sufficient energy. 


Trainers advise consuming caffeine before workout. As per Healthline, caffeine has been shown to improve performance, increase strength and power, and help reduce feelings of fatigue. Try consuming caffeine in coffee, tea and energy drinks an hour or lesser before your workout. 


They contain sugar and starch that give energy to the body. They are very rich in carbohydrates and consuming a banana 40 mins to one hour before a workout can help you have enough energy for a workout routine.

Disclaimer: Tips and suggestions mentioned in the article are for general information purpose only and should not be taken as professional medical advice. Please consult a doctor before starting any fitness regime or medical advice.





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