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Year Ender 2018 | Food Updates | Flashback of all the food and drink trends of the year 2018

Food trends flashback: A few trending food dishes are healthy, a few of them are not. Let's get into the food and drink trends of 2018!

India TV Lifestyle Desk India TV Lifestyle Desk
New Delhi Published on: December 29, 2018 20:16 IST
Chocolate Golgappe

Chocolate Golgappe

Every year, a number of food trends hit the global scene. Some are healthy, some are not but all of them certainly seems mouth-watering and appealing to tantalise our taste buds.

So, here's a food flashback of 2018, with a closer look at the major trends of the year.

Crazy charcoal inspiration

Charcoal is used in food to colour it black and for its supposed health benefits.

India Tv - Charcoal Burger

Charcoal Burger

India Tv - Charcoal Waffle

Charcoal Waffle

India Tv - Charcoal Icecream

Charcoal Icecream

Chocolate variations go wilder

Be it gol-gappas or momos, innovations with chocolate didn't stop.

India Tv - Chocolate Golgappe

Chocolate Golgappe

India Tv - Chocolate Momos

Chocolate Momos

Chinese samosas become a new thing

Chinese cuisine is popular worldwide and so is Samosa for Indians. Mixing these two actually wasn't a bad idea!

India Tv - Chinese Samosa

Chinese Samosa

Burgers found a new way

Burgers is everyone's favourite fast food. Hence, giant burgers were instantly popular and trendy among people.

India Tv - Giant Burger

Giant Burger

Freak shake is genuinely freaky

Shakes were really trendy in the year 2018, especially the overloaded dessert shakes which are popularly known as Freak Shakes.

India Tv - Freak Shakes

Freak Shakes

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