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Horoscope April 20: Luck will be kind to Taurus people, know about other zodiac signs

Astrology Today: Learn from Acharya Indu Prakash today, how your April 20 (Tuesday) is going to turn out for you. Will it be fruitful? Will it bring benefits? Know astrological predictions of all the zodiac signs here.

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New Delhi Published on: April 20, 2021 6:02 IST
Horoscope April 20: Luck will be kind to Taurus people, know about other zodiac signs

Horoscope April 20: Luck will be kind to Taurus people, know about other zodiac signs


Aries people will get opportunities for career advancement today. You will be praised everywhere. Married life will be happy. If you want to start some work sitting at home, then you will get full support from the family. Work done in terms of business will be beneficial for you. Today, you will share your feelings on the phone with an old friend. Today you can find something that will make you feel happy. Light a lamp of ghee in front of Mahagauri, money will increase. 


Today luck will be kind to Taurus people. Today, you may suddenly find something that you have been looking for for a long time. Today, you will be full of new energy throughout the day. Your work will be appreciated by the people. For those who are involved in the business of tours and travels, the day is going to be a relief. Today you can also get a chance to join or partner with a big company. You will be in good health. Perform Maa Durga Aarti, the atmosphere of the house will remain pleasant.


Gemini people will get a chance to spend more time with family today. Fathers will play games at home with the children. Today people associated with the field of education will get an opportunity to learn something new. Promotions can be made for the people doing jobs today. Today you will be interested in religious works. Today, women will have less workload in the office. If you are trying to learn driving today, then take care. Offer Maa Durga Lal Chunari, you will get employment opportunities.  


Today, it can harm Cancer people to trust strangers. Students will have to work harder today in their studies. For those who are involved in the trade of clothes, their work speed will increase. Today you need to control your speech. You should also avoid putting your opinion in the matters of others. Take special care of the health of young children. Offer sweet food to Mahagauri, problems will be solved in business.


Leo people today will be successful in their plans to strengthen themselves financially. Lawyers today can get the help of a big legal advisor on an old issue. You need to take little care about the health of the members of the household, especially you should pay attention to your father's health. Maintain complete trust in your spouse, the relationship will strengthen. Youth will get new opportunities for promotion. Offer coconut to Maa Durga, the problems in the marriage will be removed.  


Today your reputation will increase in society. You can also be a part of any social work through social media. The juniors in the office would like to learn something new from you. Everyone will be impressed by your actions. Today a relative can come to see you, the atmosphere of the house will also remain good. People will treat you lovingly. Today you can think of buying gold. Offer flowers to Maa Durga, you will get opportunities for profit. 


 Libra people will get a chance to work on new projects today, due to which they may have to stay longer in the office. If you are looking for a big deal or partnership with someone, then there is a need to move forward with thought. There may be a conflict with the family about something, someone may feel bad about you. People associated with the field of IT will get job offers. Offer cloves to Mother Durga, the stalled money will be returned. 


Today will be a good day for Scorpio people. You will try to find happiness in small things. Today you will consider new things. Opponents can also extend the hand of friendship in front of you today. Those who are associated with the field of music, will gain popularity in society. Children of this zodiac will ask for help from their father in their studies. You can benefit from the elders of the house. Health will be good. Children can go shopping with their mothers. Meditate on Mahagauri, for mental peace.


Sagittarius people's day is going to be better than expected. Whatever work you extend your hand in, it will definitely be successful. People doing business at a small level can benefit from the money. Students will get a chance to learn something new today. Today you will also get the support of your elder brother.  The financial situation will be good. Health will also be better, avoid fried and roasted food. Apply Kumkum to Mother Durga, for better luck.


Today, Capricorn people may have to work harder than before. You must balance your feelings in every situation. In difficult circumstances, you have to work with a cold head, things will soon be in your favor. For those who are involved in the trade of gold and silver, their work speed will increase. Invested money can be useful for you today. Offer cardamom to Mother Durga, Father's blessings will be on you. 


The artistic ability of Aquarius people will develop. You will feel proud of yourself. Other people will also praise your work. In the office, a big responsibility can fall on your shoulders, which you will perform well. You can get some good news from your spouse. If you work in web designing, today you will get to learn something good. pray to Mahagauri, there will be a success in business. 


The financial problems of Pisces people will be solved by a friend's help. In the evening you can enjoy yourself together with family members. Your respect will increase in the family. Your efforts towards business will be successful. Everything will be good in terms of health as well. Students who are preparing for government jobs can get some good news today. Everyday tasks will be completed on time. Offer coconut to Maa Durga, seniors will give support.

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