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Yoga Day 2022: What is Anulom Vilom; know its benefits and the correct way to practice it

Yoga Day 2022: Anulom Vilom is a technique that helps to control the breathing rate. It has multiple health benefits as it improves lung capacity. Let’s unfold everything that you should know about Anulom Vilom.

Charu Jain Edited by: Charu Jain New Delhi Updated on: June 21, 2022 9:59 IST
Anulom Vilom
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Anulom Vilom

Yoga Day 2022: Practicing yoga on a regular basis is the route to a healthy lifestyle. It helps to keep a person fit for a long period. There are different types of yoga asanas and techniques that focus on different body parts. The information about breathing patterns is also vital for anyone who is performing yoga. These breathing techniques provide calmness and peace to one’s body. Similarly, one of the most prominent breathing techniques in yoga is Anulom Vilom which is a very beneficial breathing exercise. Let us know in detail what Anulom Vilom is all about.

What is Anulom Vilom?

It is a type of breathing exercise, a form of pranayama. This exercise helps a person in controlling their breathing rate. A person has to block the right nostril while inhaling from the left open nostril and slowly opening the blocked nostril to exhale while blocking the right nostril. This practice is repeated a few times and provides many health benefits.

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Correct way to perform Anulom Vilom

Step 1: Sit in a lotus pose with eyes closed and a straight spine.

Step 2: Exhale and then use your right thumb to block the right nostril.
Step 3: Now slowly inhale from the left nostril to your lungs' capacity. Hold your breath for a second and then release your breath through the right nostril and blocking the left nostril.
Step 4: Now repeat the process with the left nostril.
Step 5: Practice this breathing exercise for 3-5 minutes daily.

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Benefits of Anulom Vilom 

  • It has several health benefits like improving Immunity, it also cures cold and cough.
  • It also has physiological benefits that help to cope with anxiety, stress, tension and depression.
  • It purifies veins and nerves of the body
  • It enhances the respiratory system and protects from asthma and bronchitis.
  • It increases the endurance level of the person
  • It forms mind stability and provides calmness and peace  
  • It balances three doshas (Vata, Pitta and Kapha)

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