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Bigg Boss 11, December 10: Vikas fights with Hina and bitches about his 'friend' Hiten

Vikas Gupta accuses Hina of provoking people and breaking friendships.

Written by: Shalu Singh , New Delhi [ Updated: December 10, 2017 23:07 IST ]
Vikas and Hina have an ugly spat

In December 9 episode, we saw Salman Khan and guest Rohan Mehra mocking Akash Dadlani and hinting that he is the next to be ousted. But no one can guess creative minds of makers. In this Weekend Ka Vaar, no one left the house- both Shilpa and Akash are safe. Last episode was an emotional day for Hiten Tejwani who got to meet his kids and wife. Hiten filled them in their arms. Celebrities such as Karan Patel, Rohan Mehra and Karishma Tanna also entered the house with piece of advice for everybody. 

10: 08 PM: Vikas calls her cunning and a vamp. He accuses her of provoking people and breaking friendships. Hina asks him who is he to say this and then tells him to 'talk to her hand'. Luv is upset with Hina for naming him among the contestants whom she wants to see out of the house. Arshi tries to provoke Vikas against Shilpa. Vikas starts bitching about Hiten for naming Puneesh.

9:44 PM: Akash sings a rap and performs with Luv and Priyank. Salman takes a dig at Hina for her over expressions.  Salman announces that voting lines for this week were closed, hence, he tells that both Shilp and Akash are safe. The Dabangg star congratulates Akash and Shilpa. Akash cannot control his emotions and is overjoyed. Hina then starts bitching about Hiten for not saving Arshi. Vikas comes and starts arguing with Hina. Vikas says 'chalu' to Hina which makes her angry. Hina tells him to respect girls

9:28 PM: Fukrey Returns stars join Salman Khan on the stage and groove on a track from their film. The superstar also makes them play a fun game in which Varun Sharma wins. Akash raps a song and Salman jokes that he is the first contestant who has composed a song on his elimination. Then the host asks contestants to name three fellow contestants who they want to eliminate. Vikas takes the name of Akash, Luv and Priyank. Hina names Hiten Luv and Puneesh. Hiten names Puneesh, Luv and Hina whereas Shilpa names Luv, Priyank and Hina.

9:11 PM: Fukrey Returns star, Pulkit Samrat, Varun Sharma enter the house. Then begins question answer round, Hina is asked why she doesn't share coffee with her friends, which she denies doing so. She is asked to choose among Priyank and Luv to which she gives a diplomatic answer, i.e., both or none. Hiten is asked why he follows Vikas. The actor replies that he listens to him but follows his mind. On the question of hook up, marry and kill, Hiten chooses to marry Arshi, hook up with Shilpa and kill Hina. Replying to a similar question, Shilpa chooses to marry Hiten, hook up with Vikas Gupta and kill Priyank. 

For performing well, Hiten and Shilpa are given chance to take a revenge on a contestant of their choice. Hiten applies boot polish on Akash's feet and bald head. Shilpa takes a revenge on Hina.

9: 02 PM: Host Salman Khan again mocks Akash Dadlani over his higher chances of getting out from the show. Salman announces Shilpa and Arshi's face off at sultani akhada. Salman gives chance to both the contestants to speak why they deserve to be in the show. Majority votes go to Arshi and she wins a point. Next game is sumo wrestling in which again Arshi wins.









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