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'Tunisha was wearing hijab, accepting Sheezan Khan's religion', says actress' mother Vinita Sharma | EXCLUSIVE

Tunisha Sharma's mother Vinita Sharma has accused Sheezan Khan of abetting her daughter's suicide. Sheezan is in police custody till December 30.

Devasheesh Pandey Written By: Devasheesh Pandey New Delhi Updated on: December 29, 2022 9:37 IST
Tunisha Sharma
Image Source : INSTAGRAM/TUNISHA SHARMA Tunisha Sharma died by suicide on Dec 24

Actress Tunisha Sharma's death by suicide on the set of her show Ali Baba: Daastan-E-Kabul has been a hard pill to swallow. Fans of her show have not been able to come to terms with her death at the age of 20. Tunisha hung herself in one of the makeup rooms on the shoot location in Vasai, Mumbai on December 24. In an FIR lodged by her mother Vinita Sharma, she has accused Sheezan Khan, Tunisha's co-star in Ali Baba, of abetting her daughter's suicide. The police has taken custody of Sheezan and an investigation is underway. Meanwhile, Vinita Sharma spoke to India TV exclusively detailing what was going on in Tunisha's life that drove her to take this extreme step. 

Tunisha Sharma's last conversation with her mother

Vinita Sharma said that Tunisha spoke to her sometime before lunch on that fateful day. After lunchtime, she hung herself. Vinita Sharma said that Tunisha mentioned her desire to go to Chandigarh for Christmas and she agreed to it. She also mentioned taking a break from shooting for this short getaway. "I was feeling anxious the whole day after I spoke to her. I was undecided about whether to go on set or stay at home. I decided to call the EP (Executive Producer) to ask about Tunisha's schedule. I was taken aback when I got a call from the set that my daughter has been taken to the hospital," Vinita told us. 

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Tunisha found out about Sheezan Khan's affair 

Tunisha Sharma's mother has claimed that her sudden break up with co-star Sheezan Khan drove her to take her own life. Vinita detailed how Tunisha had found out about Sheezan's affair from his chats. "Tunisha and Sheezan were in a relationship. When Tunisha found out about Sheezan's relationship with another woman, he broke up with her. My daughter was very sensitive. When Sheezan ended the relationship, she was broken to the core. Even I questioned Sheezan over his affair besides Tunisha. But he apologised to me," Vinita Sharma added.

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Tunisha's mother on Sheezan Khan and family   

Tunisha Sharma's mother has insisted that WhatsApp chats from Sheezan Khan's phone will reveal the truth. "She was working on the show even after her break up. Shezaan Khan's mother is involved in this. Tunisha decorated Sheezan's home for his birthday. She bought him expensive gifts. I did not understand what was happening. She was wearing niqab. She was slowly accepting their religion. She got involved too much with Sheezan and his family. My daughter was never like this. He knew that my daughter was from another religion before they started the relationship. Tunisha told me that Sheezan's mother was calling and troubling her. Even I spoke to Sheezan's mother but she outrightly denied it."

Sheezan Khan will be in police custody till December 30.   


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