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Ram Charan's wife Upasana reveals the secret behind their successful marriage

Mom-to-be Upasana talked openly about her relationship with her husband, Ram Charan and how the two strengthen their connection.

India TV Entertainment Desk Edited By: India TV Entertainment Desk New Delhi Published on: February 23, 2023 21:11 IST
Ram Charan's wife reveals the secret behind their bond
Image Source : INSTAGRAM/RAMCHARAN Ram Charan's wife reveals the secret behind their bond

Ram Charan and Upasana Kamineni Konidela are one of the most popular couples in showbiz. The pair tied the knot on June 14, 2012. After being married for almost a decade now, the couple is all set to welcome their first child soon. Recently, during a talk show with Josh Talk, Upasana opened up about her marriage with Ram Charan and how the couple beautifully complement their relationship.

Upasana said, "Marrying my husband has actually made me more productive as a person because I have clarity of my goals and I know what I need to do, and I try and match it with his shooting schedules so we can have quality time together. Charan always believes you should grow in love and not fall so that love and respect grow with time, so whenever you have some discipline in your relationship and review it quarterly like how you review your business quarterly, that's when you will grow in every aspect of life."

She went on to discuss how she handles receiving negative comments on social media and how to take them all in a positive light. "When you are in a public eye, you are here for a reason and you have chosen to be here for a reason so you must be ready to hear the good and bad that's what I have learned so when people write negative comments about me, I take this as great learning and I take it with great positivity," she stated. 

"But sometimes I wish they would read and dig into me deeper, so if you want to comment about me, read 5 lines under that I've posted as well so you don't get ticked off. I don't want you to write negative things about me because when you are writing negative things about me, you are emitting negativity yourself so this is a journey for both of us as it is affecting me as well as you," she signs off. 

Meanwhile, Telugu superstar Chiranjeevi announced the news of a soon-to-be addition to their family. He wrote in a tweet, "With the blessings of Shri Hanuman ji. We are delighted to share that Upasana and Ram Charan are expecting their first child. With love & gratitude, Surekha and Chiranjeevi Konidela; Shobana and Anil Kamineni."

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