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All about singer KK's son Nakul Krishna performing his last rites and daughter Taamara Krishna

KK's family is that of artists. The late singer's wife Jyothy Lakshmi Krishna is a painter and their two kids Nakul and Taamara are professional musicians and composers. 

Devasheesh Pandey Written by: Devasheesh Pandey New Delhi Published on: June 02, 2022 16:50 IST
Singer KK family

KK's kids Nakul and Taamara are professional musicians 

Renowned Bollywood singer Krishnakumar Kunnath, popularly known as KK, passed away on Tuesday night after his health deteriorated post a live performance in Kolkata's auditorium. KK was known for his velvety voice texture, the versatility he brought to the music room, and the effortlessness with which he sang his songs. Since his death, fans have been mourning the passing of India's musical gem and various hashtags are viral on Twitter. 

KK has been laid to rest in Mumbai on June 2 in the presence of music industry icons of India with whom he frequently collaborated, his friends, and family. The Alvida singer's final moments have left everyone in an emotional state and images from his funeral are circulating on social media. Some instances show his son Nakul Krishna and his daughter Taamara beside their father during his final journey and netizens are wanting to know more about them. Let us tell you that just like their father, Nakul and Taamara are professional musicians and will be taking forward their father's legacy.

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Who is Nakul Krishna?

Nakul grabbed attention after he was seen performing the last rites of his father. He is a music composer and producer by profession. A video shared on his YouTube channel shows his interest in composing music and giving background score. In the video, Nakul scored for a scene from the popular TV series Westworld. He made this video in June 2020 and submitted it as a part of the Spitfire Audio Westworld scoring competition.   

Nakul is also a professional guitar player and even plays at live gigs. Several images on his Instagram profile show his various guitars and the passion he has for on-stage performance like his father KK. 

Nakul has also shared a glimpse of his studio which he uses for composing. 

Who is KK's daughter Taamara Krishna?

Taamara also shares his father and brother's passion for music. She is a professional singer, music composer and producer. Her YouTube channel has two songs that are sung, written and composed by her. One of the tracks is titled The Secret to Stop Time and was released in October 2019. Taamara not only sings but raps and her talent is seen in the songs shared on the YouTube channel.

Her other track is titled Forest Rain and was released in January 2019. The credit of arranging, producing, composing, writing and singing are Taamara's. 

Taamara also gave her vocals for another track released in 2020, titled Don't Make Me Go. 

In her Instagram profile, we can see Taamara also covers popular songs and gives them her own flavour. 


A look at Taamara's studio. 

It is safe to say that both Taamara and Nakul are in the early stages of their respective music careers and have a long journey ahead of them.

Who is KK's wife Jyothy Lakshmi Krishna?

KK's wife Jyothy is a professional painter. She is a self-taught artist who learnt through books, online courses and experimenting. She produces art  that is a blend of abstract and realism.

More of her artwork can be purchased and displayed on her site.




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