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Love is in the air: On Bani’s birthday, ‘boyfriend’ Yuvraj has something adorable to say

Currently reading: Love is in the air: On Bani’s birthday, ‘boyfriend’ Yuvraj has something adorable to say
India TV Entertainment Desk, New Delhi [Published on:29 Nov 2016, 16:23:39]

The popular contestant of ‘Bigg Boss’ Bani J turned a year older today. Though the lady is rocking in Bigg Boss house, someone outside has something romantic to say to her. Her rumoured boyfriend and Telly actor Yuvraj Thakur shared an adorable message on Instagram on her birthday.

The post is quite different as it didn’t feature the couple’s images. It had a video in which two people are holding hands. Bani’s tattoo could easily be spotted on the video. The actor also shared an adorable message for his lady love. He wrote some beautiful lines to show Bani’s importance in her life.  

Dear land, You were the land and I was the wanderer. I dreamt of wandering everywhere but to be nowhere. I walked for nothing, I wanted nothing, I am nothing and I want nothing but I happened to be on this beautiful majestic land that happened to be you. It's vibrant and here each grain of sand breathes life. I am scared to be here because it's so beautiful. I am scared to be a little selfish and to stay here longer than I have ever let anyone stay in my memories. So I ran faster than I could have ever run. I ran away from this beautiful land but then I realised that the land is expanding itself all around me, its following me. I got tired, fell on my knees helplessly. Just then land whispered in my ear that don't run! Remember that You are nothing, so stay where you are. Right now, you are running away to escape from something and to find something. Don't run away from me, be nothing again and I promise you that I will be around you as your NOTHING always and forever. Promise. And the wanderer kept walking to nothing, the land kept following him till the horizon of nothing. They found oneness in their nothingness. Yours truly Nothing. #yuvwrites #birthdaysmonth

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Bani has been constant performer on the show. From enthusiastically participating in the task to standing for what is right, the lady didn’t miss any opportunity to become viewers’ favourite. Though the lady never revealed much detail about her love life, but she once talked about Yuvraj on the show that left many tongues wagging.

There is no denying that ‘Bigg Boss’ is the second name of controversy and linkups. Thus, she was also romantically linked to her fellow contestant Gaurav Chopra. Her sensuous act with him for a task added fuel to fire.

However, Yuvraj’s warm wish on her birthday is a proof that he is not bothered with Bani’s increasing proximity towards Gaurav. 

Yuvraj wishes Bani on her birthday- India Tv
Yuvraj and Bani- India Tv