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Wondering how to stay calm at traffic signal? Viral video by Delhi Police shows the way

Stopping even for a minute at a traffic signal may seem like a task to many. A video shared by Delhi Police on Twitter shows how to stay calm while waiting.

Devasheesh Pandey Written By: Devasheesh Pandey New Delhi Published on: September 23, 2022 16:56 IST
traffic signal image
Image Source : FREEPIK Light at the traffic signal turns red

Road safety rules are meant to be followed for the safety of the public. Traffic signals are a way to check rash driving and allow safe passage to the oncoming cars and other vehicles on the roads. Sometimes, stopping at a signal even for a minute can feel like a long wait and one may lose patience, wanting to jump the light. However, this not only puts their life in danger but also the others'. Recently, Delhi Police shared a video on social media which shows drivers the way to beat traffic jam blues. 

Wondering how to stay calm at traffic signal? 

Delhi police took to its Twitter handle and shared a video telling people how to stay calm during traffic. In the video, a car driver can be seen singing songs while stuck in traffic, patiently waiting for the way to clear. “How to stay calm at a traffic signal," read the caption of the video. The video also shows that honking while stuck in traffic is not necessary and adds to noise pollution. In the video, Delhi police wrote, “Love music? Sing. Don’t blow horn when you are waiting at traffic signal." 

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Netizens react to Delhi Police video 

As the video of the man waiting patiently at the traffic signal went viral, many netizens heaped praise on him. Commenting on the clip, one social media user said, "Nice voice (sic)." Another one commented, "Something to learn here (sic)."


Since shared, the video of the man singing at the traffic signal has gone viral and managed to gather over 7.6K views and much more likes on Twitter. People can also be seen retweeting the video with their own captions.

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