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Viral Video: Bridge collapses in Democratic Republic of Congo on the same day of inauguration

A video from the Democratic Republic of Congo has gone viral on the internet. In the video, one can witness how a newly constructed bridge collapses on the same day as the inauguration. Watch the video below.

Charu Jain Edited By: Charu Jain New Delhi Published on: September 07, 2022 20:54 IST
Congo bridge collapse
Image Source : TWITTER/@KHALEDISKEF Congo bridge collapse

Viral Video: A video of a newly constructed bridge in the Democratic Republic of Congo collapsed in front of government officials on the same day as the inauguration. The people who were gathered there for its beginning event somehow saved their lives and managed to escape any dangerous injuries. As per the reports of Khaama Press, this bridge was made to help the locals to cross a river. Before this, there was a temporary bridge structure in its place. But, it also used to collapse occasionally.

The video of the bridge collapsing has been shared widely on social media platforms. In the small clip, one can witness delegates from the government being ready for the inauguration. But, during the process of cutting the red ribbon, the bridge falls apart. The female cutting the ribbon immediately got rescued and safely comes to the side, while the other people remain hanging onto the bridge. But, thankfully, they were all successfully rescued. 

Watch the Viral video:

Netizens' reactions to the video:

Internet users have been dropping their views on the video soon after it went viral. Some are blaming government officials, while others are making fun of the construction quality. One user wrote, “THIS IS AFRICA Congo: During the week when the cable was being cut from the bridge construction to allow traffic to pass, the bridge collapsed.” Another user wrote, “That's how bad projects should be killing those involved in executing the project”, “I think the rope was holding the bridge together,” joked the third user.

According to the reports, all the officials who were stranded on the broken bridge were safely rescued and no injuries have been reported.


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