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  4. Mother elephant protects her calf from going close to safari tourists | Viral Video

Mother elephant protects her calf from going close to safari tourists | Viral Video

A video of a mother elephant saving her baby from going too close to the tourists in the national park is the most adorable thing to watch on the internet today. Have a look.

Charu Jain Edited By: Charu Jain New Delhi Published on: September 06, 2022 13:49 IST
Mother elephant protects her calf from humans
Image Source : TWITTER/@BUITENGEBIEDEN The mother elephant protects her calf from humans

A video of an adult mother elephant and her calf is making rounds on social media. According to the video, a mother elephant can be seen protecting her newly born calf from going near the safari tourists in the national park. Her gesture was caught in the camera and proved that mothers are always there to protect their babies. 

The video was shared on Twitter by the account name Buitengebieden and melted the hearts of netizens as soon as it was uploaded. One can witness the mother and baby elephant crossing the road when the baby elephant tries to walk toward the tourists, who were calmly enjoying the view. As soon as the baby elephant tries to move further, he is stopped by his mother with the help of her trunk. Its caption read, “Mother elephant stops its child from approaching the tourists”

Have a look at the video here:

Netizens' reaction to the video:

After the video is shared on Twitter. It started grabbing public attention and people were amazed to watch a mother saving her child. Some netizens shared their mixed reactions in the comments section. One user wrote, “They are just living their lives casually walking eating. Maybe the little one is seeing humans for first time so became curious as elephants are really intelligent. But the more experienced elder stop him because it has seen more about this world than this little one.” Another user shared his imaginary conversation between mother and baby elephant and wrote, “But mooom! They look cute!" "I know dear but they savage, wild animals. They're called humans. You should never go near them.", “They're very smart.  After the meaning of "no", one of the first things that good mothers of all species pound into their kids is "Don't talk to strangers!", wrote the third user. 

See more comments below:

Similarly, a few months ago, a video of another mother elephant and her baby was seen taking the sugarcane tax from the truck that was passing from the jungle. The video was so cute and surfaced on the internet in no time.Viral Video: Elephants let the truck pass in jungle only after taking 'sugarcane tax'


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