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  4. Kerala policeman averts possible death by suicide by talking woman out of it | WATCH

Kerala policeman averts possible death by suicide by talking woman out of it | WATCH

Kerala Police shared the video of one of its officers who saved the life of a woman who was trying to attempt suicide by jumping off a cliff. 

Devasheesh Pandey Written by: Devasheesh Pandey New Delhi Published on: June 13, 2022 20:56 IST

Policeman convinces woman from not dying by suicide

Kerala policeman is proving to be a real-life hero after a video of him talking a woman 'out of suicide' is going viral on social media platforms. The video was shared online by Kerala Police, who also hailed the efforts of one of its police officers in saving the life of a woman who was attempting to kill herself and would have if the brave officer did not help her out at the right moment. 

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Policeman convinces the woman to not die by suicide 

The woman trying to attempt suicide is seen standing at the edge of the valley, looking firm in her decision to jump off. However, the policeman seems determined in his thought to save her life and continuously talks to her while physically maintaining distance. In doing this, he does not scare away the woman. 

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Slowly and steadily due to the policeman's efforts, the woman continues to walk away from danger. Seeing her reciprocate, the policeman continues to move toward her, before finally completing the rescue mission.

 Social media users react to the policeman's efforts 

Seeing the rescue video of the policeman, one social media user wrote, "Many suicides would have been avoided if there were people to hold the minds that lost their rhythm (sic)," and another one said, "This is the proof that there are good people in the police." 

Kerala Police shares the feat of its officer

Sharing the clip, the official Facebook page of Kerala Police, in the caption wrote, “Congratulations to Adimali Sub-inspector Santosh for rescuing a young woman who was trying to take her life by jumping off the cliff.”

“I kept a distance of five feet from her and spoke to her. I told her that I too have two daughters and promised to find the solution to her issue. Though she was initially reluctant to hear me, she was finally convinced,” said Santosh, in an interview.



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