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Indian Sikh farmer turned Italian cheesemaker; here's how he is saving Parmesan

An Indian Sikh farmer Kloty Jaswantsing has proven that his capabilities and hard work are enough to fulfil his dreams. The cheesemaker's inspiring story is trending for his rigorous work at a farm in Italy.

Disha Sharma Written By: Disha Sharma New Delhi Published on: October 05, 2022 15:54 IST
Indian Sikh farmer turned Italian cheesemaker
Image Source : INSTAGRAM/@FOODREVIEWPLANET.PK Indian Sikh farmer turned Italian cheesemaker

Indian Sikh farmer Kloty Jaswantsing has proved that no dream is too big to achieve if you have the capabilities and are ready to do challenging work to mark your worth in the world. Kloty Jaswantsing, who works in a small traditional Parmesan cheese factory in Italy, is trending for his talent for making cheese.

The Sikh man who hails from the province of Punjab, India is a computer engineer by profession. His attitude and belief in accomplishing the tasks helped him in his progression despite differences in cultural and religious beliefs.

The routine of Kloty Jaswantsing

Kloty Jaswantsing, wakes up at 4 a.m in the small village in the province of Reggio Emilia. He is a 38-year-old man who works hard by feeding the cows. He milks the cows and cleans the cows and does this twice a day, every day.

After toiling for several months on the farm, the Sikh man proved that his determination can bring success to his family. After arriving at Cattellani Giani Farm, in the village of Masone, he proved the same. Though his challenging work at the farm required an initial separation from his wife and two daughters, later all his pain of separation was converted into a beautiful reward.

In an interview, Kloty shared that after six months of separation from their wife and daughters, when he brought both to Italy’s home, he felt that he established a sense of home.

Relation of Food Valley with Kloty

Jaswantsing's children attend the local school, and the family has become a part of a growing community from India who resides in the Parma, and Reggio Emilia regions of Italy. This is also known as a ‘Food Valley'. 

India Tv - Cheese, cheesemaker, dairymilk products, milk products, cheese

Image Source : TWITTER: @MARIOOLIANASA cheese making factory


Language: A barrier

To have productive growth in your work, it is pertinent to understand the culture around you. Jaswantsing also faced the problem of adapting to the new language and culture. Initially, he felt unfamiliar but later, he learnt both languages. Later, he became an inspiring example for many Indians who work abroad.

Close ties but fear of Xenophobia and racism

Gradually, Jaswantsing and his family adapted themselves to the environment aptly. After finishing the work, a celebration used to add a new streak of joy to their hectic life.

But with a growing fear of xenophobia around the area, Jaswantsing and his companions started feeling that they will be at risk. The indigenous people who had migrated to Italy and now are Italy’s citizens, also feel that the fear of racism and xenophobia is growing. 

India Tv - cheese, cheesemaker, cheese factory

Image Source : TWITTER: @BURTSCHEESESmall pieces of cheese


He thinks that honesty is the best policy for hard work as compared to any racist thought. While talking to a leading daily, he said that his family is honest and they were there to integrate with a community. 

Other Indians who fought the same challenges

Like Jaswantsing, Lal Madan, 57 is a native of Punjab. He works on a farm in the village of Gainago Torrile in Parma province. For over a decade, he and his wife Kumari Sudesh have worked 365 days as cheese-makers. Their 20-year-old son also followed in his father's footsteps. Madan who took more than 20 years to learn the cheesemaking process is proud of his work.    

Apart from high taxes, Madan also faced similar challenges of racism and xenophobia as these issues are not only rising in Italy but across Europe. Though he hears about xenophobia and populism on the local news, but no news can discourage him and his wife from not having a baby, buying a house and living their Italian dream.

He works at the factory that produces 5,000 handmade wheels of Parmesan cheese every year. No one gets time to go on vacation. But an Italian passport is the payoff of working in the cheesemaking industry.   

After fighting all the odds in Italy, Jasawantsing and other Indians proved that it is necessary to adapt and adopt new ways to live a successful life. But it was not an easy task. From learning the new language to surviving in the middle of Xenophobia fear and racism, he and his companions are continuously saving the small Italian cheesemaking factory. In the end, it can be said that to live your biggest dream, hard work is essential to live a successful life.

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