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  4. Ditching romance, THIS man picks lice from her girlfriend's hair on date. Video goes viral

Ditching romance, THIS man picks lice from her girlfriend's hair on date. Video goes viral

A man takes his lover on a "unique" date, ditching all the other ways of an ideal date. Netizens go crazy. Check out the viral video.

Written By: Akshat Sundrani New Delhi Updated on: August 08, 2022 15:33 IST
Man removes lice from partner's hair
Image Source : INSTAGRAM/GHANTAA Ditching romance, THIS man takes lover to unique date

While most dates revolve around romantic gestures and fun banter, this man has a different idea of a 'perfect date'. The internet went berserk after a video of a couple sitting alongside a water body went viral on social media. The short clip featured a guy with probably with 'ideal boyfriend qualities' as he ditched romance and opted to pick lice from his lover's head. Amused by the same, netizens chimed onto social media to take a hilarious dig at him. They described the boy as "boyfriend of the year."

In the video shared by the meme page, the couple can be seen sitting peacefully beside a water body but the catch is that the lover, who sat behind his girlfriend, did one of the most peculiar things on a date-- finding lice in her hair and then plucking it. The 'lice date' stirred up the internet and netizens couldn’t stop themselves from commenting on the video.

Sharing the video, the meme page captioned it "Man of culture."

Soon, users flocked to the comment section and came up with different takes on the viral video. One wrote "true love," while another said, "Every girl wants such a partner, right?" A third comment read, "Evolution but in reverse... Monkeys do that." The viral couple was dubbed the epitome of love, and many people even compared them to monkeys, who frequently pick one another's lice as a kind of cohesion.

The video undoubtedly raised the bar for love and proved the maxim, "You call it madness, but I call it love." The unknown pair have now gone on to become an internet sensation and have left everyone in splits with their unique date.


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