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Horrific! Crocodiles combat fiercely, keeping netizens glued to their screens | Watch Video

A viral video of two crocodiles engaged in a deadly brawl has stunned the internet. Netizens are intrigued by the video and glued to their screens. Check out the Croc battle.

Written By: Akshat Sundrani New Delhi Published on: August 30, 2022 15:11 IST
Horrific! Crocodiles combat fiercely, netizens stunned
Image Source : TWITTER/THEDARKNATUR3 Horrific! Crocodiles combat fiercely, netizens stunned

Animal fights within the same species are not uncommon and have occurred often in this ecosystem over the years. Recently, a video that is slightly different from typical animal fight footage has gone viral on the internet. The footage caught on camera shows two crocodiles fighting ferociously and in a horrific manner. The viral clip has left netizens stunned. 

The crocodile battle opens up with two large, enormous animals emerging from the aquatic body to land. One of the crocodiles opens its mouth wide and extends its wicked teeth, making it appear that it is preparing to attack. The creature then approaches the other crocodile slowly before suddenly biting down on its tail, frightening the other crocodile. Since crocodiles have excellent peripheral vision, as soon as it bit it's combatant’s tail, the latter spun around almost reflexively and sank its sharp teeth into the crocodile. The video further shows two reptiles biting one another and rolling over into the water, neither conceding defeat. The combat between them continues in the water, but it ends abruptly and it doesn't comes evident who prevailed.

The viral video left the netizens stunned, and they flocked to the comment section to express their take on the wild battle. One user wrote, "I need to know who won." Another user commented, "There you go... One free bag for us!!." A third user commented, "Don’t start no trouble won’t be no trouble."

The 22-second clip got netizens hooked to the screen, and they were left guessing who had prevailed in the horrific battle. It also echoes the other side of wildlife that most people never see and is completely unknown to mankind. The video was posted by a Twitter account named "The Dark Side Of Nature," and the name literally does justice to the video. The video has garnered over 1.6 lakh views on the internet. 



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