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  • Spice Girl Mel B confirms relationship with hairdresser

    Spice Girl Mel B confirms relationship with hairdresser Rory McPhee

    Celebrities | October 27, 2019 13:37 IST

    Singer Mel B has finally confirmed she is dating hairdresser Rory McPhee, who is 13 years her junior. The Spice Girl, 44, and Rory McPhee, 31, have been seeing each other on and off for the past two years

  • mel b s husband denies assault rumours

    Mel B's husband denies assault rumours

    Hollywood | December 16, 2014 13:46 IST

    Los Angeles: Singer Mel B's husband Stephen Belafonte has denied allegations that he hit his wife.The former Spice Girl's appearance on Sunday night's “X Factor” live finale sparked concerns amongst viewers that something is wrongs

  • mel b to undergo surgery to correct blindness

    Mel B to undergo surgery to correct blindness

    Hollywood | December 09, 2014 13:37 IST

    Los Angeles: Former Spice girl Mel B is planning surgery after revealing she is completely blind in her left eye.The 39-year-old singer has previously spoken about issues with her eyes after laser surgery went wrong

  • mel b still in contact with her lovely lady

    Mel B still in contact with her 'lovely lady'

    Hollywood | December 07, 2014 13:58 IST

    Los Angeles: Former Spice girl Mel B says she is still in touch with the woman with whom she had a fling in the past but says she isn't interested in having an affair with

  • courtney love a huge fan of victoria beckham s designs

    Courtney Love a huge fan of Victoria Beckham's designs

    Lifestyle | December 06, 2014 10:57 IST

    Los Angeles: Singer Courtney Love says she is a big fan of fashion designer Victoria Beckham's clothing line.Love, 50, has revealed she buys "literally everything" the 40-year-old has been designing lately and has praised the

  • former spice girl mel c slams rihanna for her raunchy

    Former Spice Girl Mel C slams Rihanna for her raunchy pictures

    Hollywood | October 14, 2014 23:40 IST

    Los Angeles: Former Spice Girl Melanie Chisholm, better known as Mel C, has slammed singer Rihanna's raunchy image and says that she has banned her five-year-old daughter Scarlet from seeing the pop star's pictures.During an

  • victoria beckham plans to chase masses

    Victoria Beckham plans to chase masses

    Hollywood | February 21, 2014 12:21 IST

    London, Singer-turned-designer Victoria Beckham is reportedly planning to go beyond the niche clientele and sell clothes and other lifestyle items to the masses."Victoria has decided to branch her label out of its very upmarket roots,"

  • spice girl of tennis anna kournikova

    Spice Girl of tennis: Anna Kournikova

    Tennis | October 24, 2014 11:27 IST

    Anna Sergeyevna Kournikova, now 31 years old, was once upon a time the pin-up girl of world tennis.Kournikova and Martina Hingis, who ofted paired to win doubles titles, were named the Spice Girls of tennis.

  • victoria beckham planning lavish birthday bash for harper

    Victoria Beckham planning lavish birthday bash for Harper

    Hollywood | June 29, 2012 12:54 IST

    London: Former Spice Girl Victoria Beckham is planning a lavish first birthday party for her daughter Harper and has even hired pink rabbits for the occasion.The 38-year-old singer-turned-fashion designer and her soccer star husband David