• robbie williams plans to quit music for a proper job

    Robbie Williams plans to quit music for a proper job

    Hollywood | December 11, 2014 7:59 IST

    Los Angeles: Singer Robbie Williams says he has grown out of the "rock star thing" and wants to quit for a "proper job".The singer shared his plans to leave the music industry in a video

  • robbie williams names son charlton valentine

    Robbie Williams names son Charlton Valentine

    Hollywood | October 31, 2014 12:58 IST

    Los Angeles: Singer Robbie Williams has named his newborn son Charlton Valentine Williams.The child was born Monday here and Robbie shared a humorous video online, showing his wife Ayda Field pushing him and their son

  • robbie williams ayda field welcome their second child

    Robbie Williams, Ayda Field welcome their second child

    Hollywood | October 28, 2014 16:29 IST

    Los Angeles: Singer Robbie Williams' wife Ayda Field has given birth to a baby boy.The child was born Monday here and Williams posted a video message on his official YouTube account praising his wife after

  • robbie williams leaves fan injured

    Robbie Williams leaves fan injured

    Hollywood | July 05, 2014 11:59 IST

    London: Singer Robbie Williams' sudden fall from the stage during a recent gig in Newcastle injured a fan.The "Candy" hitmaker left Margaret Nash, 52, in agony after he crushed her when he lost his footing

  • cueist pankaj advani goes down to robbie williams

    Cueist Pankaj Advani goes down to Robbie Williams

    Other Sports | April 14, 2014 14:10 IST

    Sheffield:  Indian champion Pankaj Advani blew a 7-4 lead to lose 7-10 against Robbie Williams in the final qualifying round of the World Professional Snooker Championship here.Williams won six frames on the trot to deny

  • post 40 robbie williams feels at ease

    Post 40, Robbie Williams feels at ease

    Hollywood | February 24, 2014 19:19 IST

    London: Singer Robbie Williams, who recently turned 40, says he is now at ease with "not being cool".The Former Take That star, whose career spans nearly three decades, is busy promoting his "Swings Both Ways"

  • robbie williams misses wild parties alcohol

    Robbie Williams misses wild parties, alcohol

    Hollywood | December 09, 2013 18:31 IST

    London: Singer Robbie Williams says there are times when he wishes to enjoy a wild night out and have alcohol, but is committed to stay sober.The 39-year-old has battled alcohol and substance abuse in the

  • robbie williams eyes musical biopic

    Robbie Williams eyes musical biopic

    Hollywood | November 29, 2013 18:24 IST

    London: British pop star Robbie Williams dreams of working on a theatre version of his life story and says he would love to play himself in the show."I could love to have a crack at

  • i still admire michael buble robbie williams

    I still admire Michael Buble: Robbie Williams

    Hollywood | October 14, 2013 10:32 IST

    London: Singer Robbie Williams, who rejoined Take That band in 2010, admits that he hates all rival male pop stars his age, except Canadian singer Michael Buble.“Anyone my age and doing my job, I invariably

  • robbie williams follows lengthy beauty regime

    Robbie Williams follows lengthy beauty regime

    Hollywood | July 09, 2013 17:47 IST

    London, July 9: Singer-songwriter Robbie Williams reveals he takes as long as five hours to get ready for a show as he prepares himself both mentally and physically before he steps on the stage.The "Candy"

  • robbie williams buys caribbean holiday home

    Robbie Williams buys Caribbean holiday home

    Hollywood | June 28, 2013 19:09 IST

    London, June 28: Singer-songwriter Robbie Williams has reportedly bought a holiday home worth nine million pounds (over $130,00,000) in Mustique in the Caribbean. The property is near Rolling Stones singer Mick Jagger's house.Williams and his

  • robbie williams doubts daughter will take drugs

    Robbie Williams doubts daughter will take drugs

    Hollywood | June 24, 2013 16:29 IST

    London, June 24: Singer-songwriter Robbie Williams, who has admitted to trying heroin and cocaine in the past, says he doubts his daughter will ever do the same. And in case she does, he will make

  • williams wants to host own chat show

    Williams wants to host own chat show

    Hollywood | March 24, 2013 13:06 IST

    London, March 24: Singer-songwriter Robbie Williams says he follows TV host and comedian Alan Carr very regularly, and shared his desire to host his own such show some day. He also believes he will make

  • williams thrilled to perform at dad s wedding

    Williams thrilled to perform at dad's wedding

    Hollywood | February 01, 2013 12:42 IST

    London, Feb 1 :Singer Robbie Williams is thriled to perform at father Pete Conway's wedding.Pete is set to marry his South African-born fiancee Melanie Mills and has asked Williams to perform and at the wedding."Robbie

  • why chastian wants to thank williams

    Why Chastian wants to thank Williams

    Hollywood | January 22, 2013 12:14 IST

    Los Angeles, Jan 22: Actress Jessica Chastians wants to personally meet and thank singer Robbie Williams for providing the scholarship, which helped her study in college.Chastian, 35, has never had a chance to meet and

  • i trust my wife robbie williams

    I trust my wife: Robbie Williams

    Hollywood | January 17, 2013 13:50 IST

    London, Jan 17 : Singer Robbie Williams says he is closer to his wife Ayda Field than anyone else because of the trust and love they share.Asked who he is closest to, he said: "My

  • what encouraged robbie to sing

    What encouraged Robbie to sing?

    Hollywood | December 30, 2012 22:21 IST

    Los Angeles, Dec 30: Singer Robbie Williams says popular song "Summer Nights", from the movie "Grease", encouraged him to make career in singing.The popular song was a part of John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John's 1978

  • williams wants big album

    Williams wants big album

    Hollywood | November 09, 2012 10:42 IST

    London, Nov 9: Singer Robbie Williams wants his new album, "Take The Crown", to be a success and is putting a lot of pressure on himself for it to do well.The 38-year-old is releasing ,

  • williams wanted a son

    Williams wanted a son

    Hollywood | November 06, 2012 9:00 IST

    London, Nov 6: Singer Robbie Williams was secretly hoping for a son because he wanted to have a little boy who would share his passion for soccer.His wife Ayda Field gave birth to Theodora 'Teddy'

  • robbie williams gives parenting tips to adele

    Robbie Williams gives parenting tips to Adele

    Hollywood | November 01, 2012 8:44 IST

    London, Nov 1: New father singer Robbie Williams says he and his wife Ayda Field have been offering parenting tips to their friend Adele.Adele and her partner Simon Konecki welcomed son into the world earlier

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